What Dad Wants: Summer Fun in a New Bathing Suit @tom_and_teddy

TheMomBuzz received suits as samples. This is her opinion on the samples received.

So Mother’s Day came and went. It actually wasn’t my best Mother’s Day. I had to work eight days straight, including that morning. All extended family was around, but sick and stressed. All I really wanted was time with those that made me a mom – my boys and husband. And some time at the beach.


But we did spend time at a pool. And one of the highlights was seeing my youngest and his Dad in their matching Tom & Teddy swimwear. This is a yearly tradition, to get them a matching set to wear for Father’s Day. Having it in time for them to wear on Mother’s Day filled my heart. And they will be matching again for Father’s Day, where we will be at the beach, the four of us.


So what’s so special about Tom & Teddy? They are MORE than just bathing suits. They are bathing suits that last through chlorine, harsh UV, sea salt and a multitude of washings. How do I know? We have been Tom & Teddy wearers for four consecutive years. None of the suits have gotten tears, faded or had their elastic stiffen and break.

TOmandTeddyjustLoch2015 Tom & Teddy

My husband won’t grow out of his suits, so it’s nice spending money on quality that will last year after year. My son obviously does grow, but the combination of elastic and drawstrings really allows us to use the suits several years in a row without issue.


Both Boys Decked out in Tom & Teddy Bottoms and Rash Guards

The suits are BEST when all the “men” wear them at the same time. In my case, little one and dad. But extend this gift possibility out to all the men – nephews, grandpas, husbands, sons and more. There are three collections: marine, seaside, solid/stripes. There are 18 suits in all. Rash guards are also available, matching the suits and offering UV protection. Imagine the family photo possibilities!


2014 Tom & Teddy

Now, if you want more than the awesome matching of dad and son, let me just tell you these are the best bathing suits ever. These suits are high-quality and so soft. I can’t get over how soft the quick-drying microfiber material is, not that usual stiffer material used for suits. That means my husband and son are very comfortable wearing it wet or dry.


2013 Tom & Teddy

These are high-end for these matching, high-quality suits. They are perfect for gifts and for summer. I have to say I’ve yet to see anything like these bathing suits in local stores or online. They are so soft and well made. I understand the concept is matching suits for dads, but I am so jealous! I hope one day they might include mom in the mix! I would love to match my boys, too!

Learn more about Tom & Teddy online at tomandteddy.com. They are also on Facebook! And I LOVE following them on Instagram.


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