Snack Buck Wild this Summer – #tortillachips #popcorn #snackmix

When you have kids home for summer, they are always asking for snacks. One of our challenges is finding snacks that I won’t regret giving the kids. Recently we were given the opportunity to Snack Buck Wild and my whole family is hooked. Why?

What to snack on this summer? #glutenfree full of flavor #BuckWild Chips – I am so sold on these!

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– Variety of products – their Tortilla Chips and Popcorn are, of course, gluten free. And they have snack mixes which are totally delicious!

– Variety of flavors – Tortilla Chips come in Jalapeno (my favorite), Korean Barbecue (my boys’ favorite), Sea Salt (my husband’s favorite) and Roasted Tomato Herb (also flavorful). Popcorn is Chipotle Cheddar (my sons’ favorite), Roasted Garlic (my favorite), Caramel Bourbon (delicious) and Smoked Butter (we didn’t try). They also have two snack mixes – Chocolate Banana and Honey BBQ. My husband had those. Chocolate Banana had Banana Chip, Pretzels and Chocolate Bits. The Honey BBQ has crackers, pretzels and nuts. My son and I have wheat allergies so we had to skip those snack mixes, but my husband loved them.

– Quality Ingredients. They understand that “healthy” often means boring. As a mom, I know fruit and veggies are our healthy snacks. But when you want a chip, do you always have to be unhealthy? No, says Buck Wild. They use whole grains, real vegetables, real cheese, real herbs, real spices. There were no artificial flavors or preservatives.

– Gluten Free options. My youngest son and I have wheat allergies and gluten free often means flavor free. So we REALLY appreciated the flavor that these chips and popcorn had.

#gobuckwild Summer Snackin’ we can all enjoy #glutenfree

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I looked for Buck Wild at my local grocery store, but it wasn’t there … yet. But it may be by you, already! Starbucks carries it, so look in their food section.

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