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Every family is unique. My husband and I used to have a Leave it to Beaver feel, with my being the homemaker, my husband the breadwinner, all while raising two awesome boys. Our family has evolved, like many others, and you can see it reflected on shows and movies.


One of my favorite TV families was the Gilmore Girls. I’ve watched the seasons twice, once on “regular” television, where I was bound to miss episodes here and there because of LIFE. But then I was able to catch every moment, thanks to Netflix, where I could stream when and where I wanted. But my Gilmore Girl marathon isn’t over, they added a new, never before seen, Netflix exclusive season! That’s right, the fast-talking, coffee obsessed Gilmores are making a highly anticipated return in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on November 25th on Netflix.


If somehow that smart and savvy duo, trio if you add the grandmother, isn’t a family you can groove with, there is are still the oversharing Bluths of Arrested Development and hugaholic Fullers of Fuller House, that fully embrace (see what I did there?) how every family is unique.


Now, I have to say that my little family is still just very traditional. If I had to pick a Netflix family that we were most like, it would be Last Man Standing with Tim Allen. Yes, I know he is raising three girls in the show. But he reminds me of my husband, and the wife works fulltime while raising the daughters, so I can feel the same pressure and have similar laughs. So if you haven’t streamed that one yet, I’m working on my second marathon of that show.

What television family are you most like?


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