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glassesroseThis is a little known fact among friends and family, but my husband is color blind. It isn’t really a big deal, is it? I mean, everyone knows someone that is color blind, it seems. After all, Color Blindness affects one in eight men and one in 200 women. It’s not a condition that others can see, so we don’t think of it too often. But stop and think.

There are different types of color blindness, and even different ways of becoming color blind. Many people are born with it, but it can also be brought on by diabetes, multiple sclerosis, surgeries, aging or medication. My husband is one of those people who lost his ability to see color in his teens. It was a gradual process, not over night, but by the time I met his he had red/green color blindness. He can’t fully see red, green or blue. Instead they are variations of yellow and brown.

I had heard about special glasses that let color blind people see color, but I was worried it wouldn’t work for him, because his case wasn’t genetic. We had the opportunity to review Color Blind Glasses by Vino Optics for O2Amp and the words out of my mouth were, “Oh My Goodness!”

I should have taped the moment he put them on. It was a Friday night, in our kitchen. I opened the box and gave them to him. He thought I was just handing him sunglasses to try on. Then he looked around, “What?” That’s when I knew they worked. To me, they added a rose hue onto my world. For him, he could see the colors on the Christmas Tree.


We walked outside to see the Christmas Lights at night, the ones he hung up that day. He had no idea how bright and varied the colors were until that moment.

He could barely sleep that night, anxious to see the next day in sunlight. I have to admit, though, a Florida winter in our backyard isn’t that exciting. We have brown, white and black chickens and light green grass. We went to the front yard to look at the single rose, the Christmas decorations. He wore them to the supermarket, which he thought was sensory overload with all the colors advertisers use to get your attention. He’s worn them to the movies, to see the colors on the screen. He keeps pointing out signs, cars, and other items asking me to verify colors. He is relearning the world.

Husband explaining #colorblind glasses by #vinooptics for #o2amp #review

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And then it was Monday again and he put on his reading glasses for work. Without the Color Blind Glasses by Vino Optics for O2Amp, and a Monday morning at that, his world was dull again. He looks forward to recreational time, so he can put on the glasses again.

How Do They Work: If you have normal color vision, they just look rose hued. My understanding is that the glasses use a filter to enhances the very signal that red-green deficients are deficient at — namely, the O2 signal from hemoglobin.

Pricing: I’ve seen Color Blind Glasses in the $20s that get horrid reviews. I’ve seen them as high as $600, which is something I couldn’t afford. But the Color Blind Glasses by Vino Optics for O2Amp are on Amazon for $304 dollars today. I do recommend these and give them a 5 out of 5 star rating.

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  1. That is definitely helpful who are color blind. Glad to see these kinds of glasses are being developed for people who needs it.

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