Boy & Girl Gift Idea: Firetek Crossbow

My 9 year old loves playing outside and with various toys that keep him active. He’s been trying to build himself a crossbow out of tree branches and string, unfortunately without any success. He’s trying though!

So when I had the opportunity to review a few Firetek toys, including their Crossbow, I had to say yes. Of all the Firetek toys we’ve tried, I can honestly say the Crossbow was the best. It is better than any other “toy” crossbows we’ve ever tried from other brands. It shoots far and true. It has me, my son, his brother and even his grandfather playing with it.

The crossbow lights up, as do all individual ammunition. It comes with three foam arrows. The arrows are looped through two strong rubber slings and then attached securely to the bow. Then you push in a safety button and trigger shoot.


The only issue we came across was that it was made for right handed players. My dad was left handed and it made it harder for him to use.


There is also a more traditional Firetek Bow that comes in four colors and two styles. Style one is Air Huntress in Purple or Pink. Style two is Air Storm in Green or Red. Both styles do the same thing, which includes GLOWING IN THE DARK for nighttime shooting! We’ve never tried them, but I know my son would love this version, as well.

Learn more about other fun Firetek product on their Firetek Brand Page. It is available for just $19.99 from their online store. You can also purchase the Firetek Crossbow on Amazon.


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