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Still recovering from not having any more episodes of Stranger Things to watch until next year? We’ve been on the hunt for a new show and found the dystopian world of Black Mirror. The Sci-Fi technology twisted anthology was created by Charlie Brooker and uses modern technology that is intertwined together to show the possible consequences of new technologies. With the first episode, I felt shot back to my youth of watching Tales From The Crypt and The Twilight Zone.


Through the series, some of the storylines are morbidly humorous and at times makes you believe or wonder if we aren’t living in the show presently. (Not giving away spoilers.) For example, within one episode individuals are given an implant and where they can that connects all people where all items are recorded, which gives people more information then they really want. We’ve seen three episodes so far, and found each episode to be fresh and unique. They range from an App Focused World where you work for the Company to get your fix, to politically deranged situations of artistic extortion and political campaigning.

Created for British Television, the original seasons were short two three-episode seasons in 2011 and 2013, there’s Christmas special in 2014. As Netflix seems to be expanding it’s world of entertainment, it bought the rights and expanded the episodes and series which were released in the fall of 2016.

As it seems only a handful of companies can do, Netflix ups the ante with the series but keeps true to the origins and offers a new reality of plausible extreme scenarios. Each episode doesn’t just captivate, it draws you in and mesmerizes the audience but sticks true to the adage that technology is a trap.

When watching, you have a sense where the episode will watch and it feels uncomfortable at best. As the episodes progress you develop an empathy that is a bit agonizing and fun all in the same. Most stories take place in the “present time” but in the latest season, there’s a throwback to the 80’s which left me thinking about my youth.

Being Netflix is not relegated to the confines of network television and the ratings they go by, you’ll also want to know the series isn’t the best for younger audiences and scored a TV-MA rating. Also, if you’re like myself and my spouse ,we needed a bit of light humor after watching the episodes – for most, not the best bedtime stories.

Wrapping up the latest series (not done in one day) it allowed for good entertainment and also a bit of caution as I logged onto Facebook to see what was going on. In the back of my mind, I was wondering if my reactions were not part of a larger audience where someone might be required to earn points to be released from a peddling servitude. That mindset quickly changed as I closed my laptop, but I did find out that 50 people liked my status update.

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