Skylanders Goes Strong for Another Holiday Season #imaginators #skylanders

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Since 2011, Skylanders has managed to come up with a new and innovative way to keep their game fresh. We’ve had Spyro’s Adventure (2011), Skylanders Giants (2012), Swap Force (2013), Trap Team (2014), Super Chargers (2015) and now Imaginators (2016).  The beauty of Skylanders is how they continue to change and update the game in different ways, and I feel like they really hit the nail on the head with Skylanders Imaginators.


Now my 9 year old would love every game Skylanders creates, but my 10 year old is more picky. When I saw him standing in front of the display at Target, I knew Skylanders really had something this year, Skylanders Imaginators adds a new type of customization and creativity that allows the game to feel new again. This year they introduced Creation Crystals to the game, where you can create your own creature, train it and carry it in the crystal. The neat thing about that is that you can go to your friends house and use the crystal to play the character you created.


There are ten new Battle Classes, combined with ten Elemental Classes, and now over 1,000 creation pieces. There is virtually an unlimited numbers of ways to create an Imaginator!

Your characters powers, weapons, bodies, clothing can be edited through menu changes. There are a lot of items scattered through the game. There is also gear that matches and look more complete and that’s done through in-game transactions. If you have a phone, the transactions are similar to App Store purchases.

The game is a lot of fun and the characters created can also boost the speed of your character. Similar to the intro, the villains of the game are fun and a new mixture of bad guys that make the game fun to play.

Overall, the game is well put together, great animation and funny. Watching the kids play previous games, I’ve always been entertained by the humorous banter and one liners that pop up through the game. Imaginators is no different from the humor aspect and made it great to play. Kaos continues his banter and the humor allows the game to flow, with your character assisting in the storyline.

Imaginators gives the players immense possibilities and with the introduction of the Senseis, the new heroes that represent the 10 battle classes. (There are 31 Senseis in the game, some old favorite villains who are now good) Although the Senseis are the most powerful Skylanders to have ever faced Kaos, they still have the potential to grow even stronger. Unlock their awesome Ski-Chi powers by activating their battle class Sensei Shrine and watch as your Sensei blows enemies away with devastating attacks.

There is a Racing Mode, which includes all the tracks and game options from Skylanders Super Chargers. Land, sea or sky, race your friends online!


Of course, there are so many fun Imaginators you can purchase to play in the game. The game comes with the Fire Creation Crystal, Golden Queen and Master King Pen. I added Tae Kwon Crow, Master Tri Tip and two additional Creation Crystals, thanks to a little special at Target.


Skylanders Imaginators is available on PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE, XBOX 360 and Wii U. We have Super Chargers on Wii U, but went back to XBOX 360 for this one. My son says that it is easier to use the controllers for XBOX 360 when playing Skylanders. But if you are a Wii U fan, you will be able to play with additional characters – like Crash Bandicoot and Doctor Neo Cortex.

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