What to Buy Teen Boys: Razer Kraken Gamer’s Headset

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My most challenging gift recipient year after year is my nephew. This year he is 13 year’s old and I was rattling my brain, what to get him. Often I resort to gift cards, because he can just get what he wants. But what’s the Christmas joy in that for the gift giver? Might as well just hand cash to everyone, right?

But this year I had an awesome idea – a headset for gamers. A quick search on Amazon can confuse you, though – which one to get? So we narrowed it down and high on our list was the Razer Kraken Headset, 7.1 V2.


The Kraken has a perfectly balanced sound for music, movies or games. It has immersive surround sound and large drivers, for a rich and enhanced sound that gives wearers situational awareness. Gamers will be able to hear their teammates clearly, and the built-in mic offers crystal clear communication.

The Kraken is durable, so they can take it on a road trip or to a friend’s house. It also is so comfortable that they will be able to wear it for hours, which is perfect when you think about how teens will play their games for so long that the hours quickly turn into days. The headband doesn’t clamp down on a head too tightly, it is balanced, and the cushions are large and soft.

The Kraken comes in black with special lighting effects the teens will love. The logo on the headphones can cycle, ripple, wave or pulse through a variety of colors, or it can be static on a favorite color. Without a doubt, it’s a great gift for teens looking for some cool gear.

The Kraken 7.1 V2 is available for $99. There is also a Pro version available for $79.99. You can purchase direct from RazorZone.com.

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