Refrigerator Parts & Accessories

Before I was homeowner, I never gave my refrigerator too much thought. Until it started leaking. And that time when the ice maker didn’t work. Then I realized that even a refrigerator requires some care to keep it running and that not all “problems” require calling a professional. Simple maintenance can be done at home […]

Your #DoOver Can be a BIG #win with Frigidaire!

People are just so busy nowadays. Like we don’t know what to do with downtime. It’s all about multitasking and getting things done better, faster and more efficiently. Thank goodness for modern conveniences that allow that to happen. For example, I can wash my clothes while drying. (LOL! Sounds strange, doesn’t it?) But I don’t […]

Frigidaire – MakeTimeForChange this Holiday Season #win

With the holiday season approaching, many moms are already planning for Thanksgiving and Holiday parties with friends and family. As many of you know, I was part of the Frigidaire Test Drive Program back in 2010 and have loved cooking with my oven ever since it arrived. Actually, my favorite part of the oven is […]

Make Time For Change! #win Frigidaire Affinity Washer & Dryer

Baseball season is here – and Frigidaire is inviting everyone to take a swing at helping children have access to healthy outdoor activities. Visit to take your virtual swing and Frigidaire will donate up to $1 to Save the Children. Plus, everyone who participates will be entered to win a Frigidaire Affinity Washer and […]


Frigidaire is teaming up with Jennifer Garner to help families prepare and enjoy nutritious foods together. Without a doubt, obesity and diabetes is on the rise – and not just in adults, but young children! But you can lead your children to make the right decisions by having them follow your lead. The Frigidaire Kids’ […]

#Frigidaire: Schedule Your Cooking

I am HUGE on scheduling. I find it easier to have time for fun with the family when I am not worried about when I am going to do chores, clean, run errands, blog, etc. Frigidaire knows what moms want and need, so they built their stainless steel range (Model: FPEF3081KF) with an uber-valuable feature […]

#Frigidaire Mom: One Push of a Button

So I am going to admit something that most of my close friends already know. I have memory problems. My BFF’s dad teases me about it. He is a pharmaceutical rep … and he owns a cabin up north. My friend showed me pictures ages ago, but although I remember he owns a cabin I […]

#Frigidaire Range & Microwave Test Drive: Week 7

So I’ve owned my Frigidaire stainless steel range (Model: FPEF3081KF) and over-the-range microwave (Model: FPBM189KF) for about 7 weeks now. There are a lot of features that I’ve buzzed about that have just completely sold me on the units, such as: Easy to Clean Lots of Room More Counter Space But a huge pro about […]

Frigidaire Range & Microwave Test Drive: #Frigidaire & Energy Star

I have had my Stainless Steel Range and Microwave from Frigidaire for over a month now. I have to say, I am so sold on it. It is SO easy to keep clean! I used to HATE my kitchen. But the new range and microwave really updated it, although I still crave some new cabinets […]

Frigidaire Range & Microwave Test Drive: Week Three

I’ve been the proud owner of a Frigidaire Stainless Steel Range and over the range microwave for about 3 weeks now. Now, I admit when it comes to cooking, I usually just quickly baking chicken and steaming veggies … but I actually love baking. I’m no Bakerella, but I make cupcakes, traditional cakes, rum cakes, […]

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