365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks: Awesome Book #LEGO

TheMomBuzz receives samples for review and utilizes Amazon referral links. My two boys are so different, although they are only 19 months apart. One is more active and athletic, the other is more intense and technology oriented. One thing they both love is LEGOs, and not just the themed sets. They like taking their bricks […]

March @BrickLoot Reveal #SubscriptionBox #LEGO #ShiverMeBricks

Summer is inching closer. For me, (a type A personality), that means making a list of all the activities that can keep my kids busy when they are not at camp. And by busy, I mean NOT dependent on technology. I end up purchasing grade level activity books, so math and language arts stays fresh […]


TheMomBuzz is a member of the Netflix StreamTeam. My boys LOVE LEGOs. We’ve been building Duplos and original LEGOs since they were able to hold a block. Now at 8 and 10, the love continues. We are passholders at LEGOLAND FLORIDA, collect and trade minifigures, build HERO Factory and Bionicle, a whole slew of movie-inspired […]

Brick Loot Box – November – Let’s Take Flight #win 2 CONTESTS!

I love sharing BrickLoot every month! It is my ABSOLUTE favorite subscription box. I love to keep them, gift them, share them with my boys, share them with my friends. It’s such a surprise in every box. And this month I have more than just a reveal of what was in the NOVEMBER box, but […]

October @BrickLoot Reveal #SubscriptionBox #LEGO #GameofBricks

10% off any 1 or 3 month BrickLoot subscription.  Coupon Code: mombuzz10 This coupon code expires 11/01/15 The holidays are inching closer. For me, (a type A personality), that means making a list of all the gifts my kids will probably request, along with some fabulous ideas they might not think of themselves. After all, […]

September @BrickLoot Reveal #SubscriptionBox #LEGO #BuildIt

TheMomBuzz received a BrickLoot box for unboxing. If you received September’s Brick Loot, you were in for a Dozy! That is NOT a misspelling – there was a mini bulldozer in this month’s box! There was also a mini forklift, a mini crane and a “master builder“. This Master Builder looks like he could have […]

LEGO Awesome Ideas Book

Every school morning our routine is the same. My boys wake up, they eat breakfast, they get dressed, brush teeth and hair. Then they go get a book and read, until I am ready to take them to school. They have a great library of books, but my oldest inevitably grabs one of his LEGO […]

August @BrickLoot Reveal #SubscriptionBox #LEGO #RiseoftheBrickBots

Just like the Terminator, when you have a BrickLoot Subscription you can expect BrickLoot to be back in your mailbox month-after-month. Unlike the plot of most of the Terminator movies, you’ll actually be looking forward to its appearance! And August was another movie-inspired surprise with a BrickBot theme. DISCOUNT CODE 10% off 1 or 3 […]

LEGO Rental Service – New Sets Every Month by Subscription @MYPLEY #FREETRIAL

The other day  was talking to one of my friends who was mentioning that she is out of room for LEGO Sets. She offered to give some of her children’s LEGOs to a friend, thus making room for NEW LEGO sets. And then I mentioned the LEGO Rental Service called Pley. Pley is designed just […]

June @BrickLoot Reveal #SubscriptionBox #LEGO #Jurassic #Brickasaurus

What is BrickLoot: BrickLoot is a subscription box for brick lovers – you know, LEGOs, nanoblock, kre-o, etc. Each box is a surprise, you never know what you might find! Exclusive builds, light up bricks and minfigures. June’s BrickLoot was more than a surprise – it was EPIC! It has to be my favorite BrickLoot […]

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