fitGevity Resistance Bands and Resistance Band Exercises #win

At my local gym we have our regulars and a nice steady flow of new members. But I know from years of experience that once January hits we will have many new members with goals of remaking their bodies and improving their health, which I completely applaud! I get excited for these new members, even […]

Fitness Fanatic Gift Idea: Awesome Workout Tanks for Him and Her

TheMomBuzz received samples to review to facilitate this post. SAVE 15% from Fitness Apparel Store Code: TheMomBuzz15 Expires: December 5th  *** One day while buzzing around the Internet I discovered the most awesome workout tank top. I needed one, because I HATE working out in sleeves. For me, it’s a sports bra with a […]

TheMomBuff Competes in a NPC Figure Contest

Five years ago I watched my husband compete in a bodybuilding contest. It was his second time competing and my first time watching a show. Before he went on I had the opportunity to see women compete in bodybuilding and a figure division. I thought, hey – they sure are in shape! I’d like to […]

Quick Breakfast for Mom: Egg White Power Protein Powder

“They” say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Us moms, we know that, right? That’s why we make sure our kids eat breakfast in the morning. In fact, we know nutrition is important overall, so we also pack a balanced lunch, serve a nutritious dinner and schedule in healthy snacks for […]

FlipBelt for Runners: hands-free and no fanny pack

TheMomBuzz received a FlipBelt to review. This is her thoughts on the product received. I love running. Well, I love finishing a run. The sense of accomplishment and racing endorphins rock. The problem is, sometimes when I want to run to the gym, I end up walking instead because I have my tote holding my […]

Next Best Thing to Running Barefoot on the Beach @Vibram5Fingers

This is theMomBuzz’s opinion on the sample received. I love running. Well, at least I enjoy the endorphin rush when I am done running. When I first started to run I bought myself a pair of minimalist shoes and ran on a treadmill. From there I started running outdoors, while listening to Zombies, Run on […]

#TheMomBuff: Leg Workout 2014

I always had trouble growing size in my legs. This is what has really deterred my from competing year-after-year in a local Figure Competition. Finally, this year I decided I was going to compete no matter what, just to get it off my bucket list. And I also decided to switch up my Leg Routine […]

Nutrition for Beauty @NeoCellHealth #GiveAway

Everyone has a different vision when it comes to beauty. And I truly think that all women are beautiful. Heck, we just had a week-long event on the topic of loving thighself on our Facebook page! But, you can accentuate your natural beauty through proper nutrition and, if necessary, supplements. NeoCell was on Dr. Oz […]

C9 by Champion® Men’s Running Quarter-Zip

TheMomBuzz received a C9 sample for review. This is her opinion on the sample received. For those days that you are heading out to the gym and it’s still a little too cool, I suggest having some thin, long sleeve athletic wear. I usually layer up, with a tank underneath one a long sleeve – […]

Going to the Gym #OOTD featuring C9 by Champion

Comfortable style for a hard workout. This #ootd was inspired and sponsored by C9 by Champion, available at Target. I am 5 months away from my first figure competition. So I’ve been working out hard at my local gyms to build muscle. One thing that really motivates me at the gym is my fitness apparel. […]

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