5 Great Benefits of Fitness Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors are designed to assist you in achieving your physical fitness goals. Each time you move your heart pumps at a certain rate per minute. Heart monitors can help you get better results from physical activity and workouts. The higher your heart rate goes the more calories you burn. There are some good […]

Making New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Come True @FitBit #Force

Sample received by theMomBuzz to facilitate this review by K. Tales. This is his opinion based on the sample received. The sponsor is providing a second Fitbit Force for a random reader at theMomBuzz. The most recognized activity tracker on the market today is Fitbit, which has been around for several years. New to the […]

the Zombie Run: Run For Your Lives #weARErunningfromzombies

Well, November was a little extra zany for this zombie fan. I was signed up to run in the Zombie 5K, Run For Your Lives, with a team of 9 when we got disappointing news. The Zombie Apocalypse wasn’t coming to Central Florida. Reed Street Productions, the company that put on Run For Your Lives, […]

14 Tips for Running a Zombie 5K

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES DISCOUNT CODE – 15% Off: ZPTD3 If you are planning on running from zombies this year at a RunForYourLives event, here are tips you need to know to survive! Because unlike a real zombie apocolypse, you can’t harm the zombies. So what can you do to increase the chances that you’ll […]

#LoveEllie Activewear – 20% Discount @MeetEllie

This is solely the opinion of theMomBuzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. Thank you to Ellie for providing a product to test. It’s no secret that I love to workout. I have been strength training for over five years and running for over one. One of my secrets to success, besides […]

Fun Knee High Socks @SockItToMe

I get asked a lot about my socks, specifically my knee high socks. I wear them during the winter with boots and all year round when I hit the gym or run. My husband and family find me socks online, as well as at the mall at stores like Spencer. But my favorite brand is […]

theMomBuff: You Can Outrun a Horse (Beginner Running Tips)

In 2011 if you told me I’d run 7 miles, I’d have guffawed. Yes, unrestrained, loud laughter. I mean, I enjoyed Zumba and I am in love with lifting. But running? It hurt my knees. It stung my legs. It made me out of breath. I believed I couldn’t run. Then in 2012 I trained […]

theMomBuff: Bringing Sweaty Back

I weighed myself two days ago and saw I gained five pounds since the beginning of the year. Some of y’all might think 5 pounds is NOTHING. Until you see this picture: Ewww. There was actually this model in the library when I went to school at USF. I NEVER forgot it. Traumatized me. Anyways, […]

theMomBuff: Trying New Things! And a Back/Bicep Workout

So I’ve been trying out a new Leg Workout for about three weeks now. First, I was discouraged I wasn’t seeing immediate changes. But now I am finally seeing definition in both legs. :whoo: I still don’t see the lift in my glutes I wanted and my hamstrings aren’t as strong as I’d like to […]

TheMomBuff #3: The Weaker Side

I had a busy weekend, we did a pilgrimage with my boys to visit a few Basilicas and Cathedrals in Orlando, Daytona Beach and St. Augustine! Plus, we made time for some touristy things – like visiting the tallest lighthouse in Florida, stopping to get some DELICIOUS cheat-worthy cupcakes from Luli’s and, of course, stopping […]

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