Let Your Heart Grow Three Sizes This Holiday: I Paid It Forward from Kohl’s

One of my favorite Christmas stories is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I  don’t think it was a favorite story when I was younger, with a green “what” (exactly) stealing the Who’s gifts. But as an adult the message became so clear, that I couldn’t fault the Grinch and his dislike of the Who’s celebrations. […]

Ten Fundraising Ideas for Schools

If you are looking to add some fundraisers to raise money for your school or organization, here are some fun ideas that can be done year-round or seasonally. 1. Yankee Candle 2. CountdownCal-Halloween 3. CountdownCal – Easter 4. Market Day 5. Schoola 40% Profit for Organization Ships Direct to Customer Ships Direct to Customer Food-based […]

Office Depot Foundation Donated 300,000 Backpacks This Summer

While we are going crazy with back-to-school shopping, we have to remember to be thankful that we can afford to send our children to school with supplies. Not everyone is that lucky. Kids go to school without backpacks or folders, pencils or erasers. How can they get the education they need if they don’t have […]

Kohl’s Cares Program: $5 HIGH-QUALITY Books & Plush Toys

TheMomBuzz LOVES the Kohl’s Cares program. This year she received a sample of the Curious George plush and two books. This is her opinion on the samples and the program. Over the past few years one “event” that has caught my attention yearly is the Kohl’s Cares program. During this event, Kohl’s highlights a well-known […]

Aurora Donates Thousands of New Stuffed Animals to K.I.D.S. For Hurricane Sandy Relief

  When you are doing some gift shopping this holiday season, remember the companies that give back in times of need. For example, Aurora Gift. Aurora World Inc. just announced it will donate thousands of new stuffed animals and baby products to K.I.D.S. (Kids in Distressed Situations), a charity that provides kid-essentials to children and […]

Second Chance Toys: Land of Misfit Toys?

Right about now is when I am already 3/4’s done with my Christmas planning. From where we will be spending Christmas Day to dishes we’ll be serving. From volunteering at the school to donating toys at the church. And I even know (mostly) what Santa will be bringing my children. The thing is, Santa is […]

Winn Dixie: Box Tops for Education & Fuel Perks #win #myblogspark

My friend Samantha once said you can tell who has kids in school when they are determined to buy an item with Box Tops. That’s because most schools collect Box Tops from parents, friends and relatives, because they can be redeemed as cash for the school. So you might buy Betty Crocker over another brand, […]

Lower Your Utility Bill #win

I love Energizer! Not only is it the battery I turn to most to power my kid’s toys and our emergency flashlight, but they are always coming up with programs to give back to important environmental and social groups AND their customers. Right now they have an Energizer Utility Cash program going on – just […]

#Win a Tag System from Leap Frog and $25 for DonorsChoose.org

Back in October 2010, the Mom Buzz held a fabulously fun give-away where a reader was able to donate  a Tag “kit” for classroom use, consisting of 2 Tag School Readers and headphones, plus 2 copies each of 15 Tag books to a school in need through the DonorsChoose.org program. And I am thrilled that […]

Rent College Books for Less

When I was in college, I remember forking out a lot to purchase our college text books. I tried to save some money by buying them used or off-campus, but it still wasn’t affordable from a college student’s point-of-view. In fact, my brother-in-laws, both their final years of college, have mentioned to me and my […]

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