TheMomBuzz is a StreamTeam Blogger and Amazon Affiliate. Earlier this year I got sucked into the Netflix original Orange is the New Black. I was trying to find a show that I could watch without my husband, because sometimes he works late and I have the kids all tucked in bed. But once he came […]

Sponsored Video: How’d the Baby Get in Your Belly? #easytodigest

Okay, I had to paraphrase my post title just a tad. But kids are HILARIOUS when it comes to understanding pregnancy and how a baby got in … and will get out … of a mom’s “belly”. The little boy in this Rice Krispies commercial is especially adorable, totally leaving the mom stumped on how […]

Magic in the Blogosphere: The Fairy Hobmother

How do fairy tales get started? Is there some truth to stories of witches, warlocks, dragons and fairies if you just believe? I think so. That’s why I will always argue Santa is real, no need to tell my children differently – after all I believe. And when my son asks me about zombies, I […]

Clorox “Icktionary”: The New Language Of Mess #icktionary @Clorox

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Clorox blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here. Sometimes you can feel alone in the battle of clean versus dirty. But you have to have humor to get you through those crazy days, […]

First Kids vs Second Kids @Luvs

When you have your second kid, you tend to naturally do things different. For one, you’ve got a better handle on what works and what doesn’t work. Second, you realize the same thing DOESN’T work with every child. Third, you may feel more brave in trying a few new things, from baby-wearing to breastfeeding. Fourth, […]

HILARIOUS PARODY: Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer

If only this was real. I’d so watch it! This is CollegeHumor’s latest Original: “Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer (with Ariel Winter of Modern Family)… Modern Family star Ariel Winter star breaks skulls and language barriers in CollegeHumor’s imagination of what a live-action Laura Croft-like film version Dora the Explorer film look like. Parents and […]

Happy Halloween from Fozzie Bear

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The Praying Mantis’ View of Relationships

So, the other day I was annoyed at my husband. (It happens.) So I was thinking about relationships in general and then that moved to how Praying Mantis females eat their mates … and maybe they have the right idea. (Mwa-ha-ha!) I read up on them and learned a few interesting tidbits and how they […]

Happy Mother’s Day! One Bad Mutha!

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“Oh Brother!” Comic Strip Winner: 5 Questions for Chiara

Recently, Role Mommy hosted the “Is Your Kid A Character Contest” on behalf of the nationally syndicated comic strip, “Oh, Brother!” With the help of a panel of esteemed blogging mom judges, one lucky child won the chance to be featured in an Oh, Brother! comic strip panel. After receiving dozens of entries from parents […]

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