Potty Training Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Ready to start potty training in your home? Along with an arsenal of online tips, potty training DVDs and other potty training tools, check out these two gender-specific board books for girls and boys who are ready to say Good-Bye to diapers! Both My Big Boy Undies and My Big Girl Undies have been written […]

It’s Potty Time! {Potty Training is Easier with Potty-Themed Videos & Free Potty Training App}

One thing that parents both are eager to begin, but fear the process, is Potty Training. I know that when I started Potty Training my oldest son I was wondering how successful we’d be, but I went in “pretending” that success was right around the corner. And in my arsenal I had tips from my […]

WeePod Potty Insert #win

I LOVED buzzing about potty chairs for the boys – finding which ones worked… and which ones didn’t. But ever since we got the Little Looster, the boys has no reason to use a small floor potty. The shorties can use the REAL toilet all the time. But, even though they can reach the toilet, […]

Potty Training and the Little Looster #win

Potty Training can seem complicated, whether you’re a newbie or have already trained a child or two. Common questions are: 1. When do I begin? 2. How do I begin? 3. What do I need to begin? The answers are not that complicated. First, you begin when you feel you and your child are ready. […]

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