VIP Children’s Fashion @LoveFabKids – May Styles

We are almost at Memorial Day. That is quite momentous for us here at theMomBuzz, because it means my oldest’s birthday is right around the corner, along with our summer break. Memorial Day means BEACH, MOVIES and LEGOLAND! I am sure many moms are familiar with LEGOLAND, where EVERYTHING is AWESOME! Now, FabKids challenged theMomBuzz […]

Slip Into This Stylish Summer Shoe #Girls #Women #Ballet

I have this wonderful new job where half the time I am seated at my office desk, and the remaining time I am on my feet. Days when I am at my desk, heels are completely stylish and appropriate. Days that I am trekking hallways of corralling kids, flats seem to make a lot more […]

Children’s Fashion with Monthly VIP Picks! @LoveFabKids

Shopping for boys’ fashions can be hard. There aren’t that many fashionable choices at affordable prices in local stores. But recently theMomBuzz was introduced to FabKids and we had the opportunity to review an outfit as a FabKids blogger! ( is a children’s fashion brand and personalized shopping site that creates monthly outfits and […]

Smile Brilliant this Year #Win a Teeth Whitening System

In the beginning of theMomBuzz (we’ve been buzzing for 7 years now), I used to love talking about whitening teeth. I’d talk about electronic lights you put in your mouth with a special cream, tooth paste, tooth guards filled with whiteners and many different brands. And then I decided the best way to get white […]

Boots in Style

When people think of stylish footwear, they may immediately think of sandals. There are all sorts of shapes and sizes can appeal to women all across the world. While sandals are trendy in the spring and summer, boots are becoming the established line of footwear that is quite attractive to women. Everyday Use Boots used […]

Sports Wear for Athletes and Fans

There are three kinds of people who wear athletic apparel. People who live to sweat. People who root for sports teams. And people who simply love the feel and comfort of jerseys and sweats! Well, wherever you fit in, Majestic Athletic has you covered! I am actually in all three groups, one way or another. […]

Welcome to Boot Season: Three Stylish Boot Picks for Winter


Brrr! Feel that chill in the air? Well, then there is no better time to pack up the sandals and bring out the boots! Booties, knee highs, heels or flats, they all have a place in your wardrobe, especially when paired with infinity scarves and properly distressed denim. And that is just the beginning of […]

Checklist for Choosing a Cordless Iron

Using a cordless iron seems like a dream solution to many people. Each of us, in all likelihood, have struggled with getting the board in the right position so that we are near a plug socket, and then finding out that we have to adopt some weird twisted posture so that we can reach a […]

SOHO Beauty Make-Up Bags – Good Vs. Evil

Samples were received for review. I am in love with the SOHO Beauty Make-Up bags which are available at Walgreens. They just released yet another new collection of the Disney bags in October, rightfully featuring Aurora and Maleficent. So at this time they have released: Little Mermaid Snow White Sleeping Beauty And that is PERFECT […]

e.l.f. Holiday Magic at Target – $10 Beauty Gift Sets

I am holiday shopping for my future sister-in-laws and decided to fill up some of the new SOHO Beauty Bags with e.l.f. make-up. Right now Target is the place to shop for adorable elf-sized e.l.f. make up. They are actually pre-packaged for wonderful gift-giving as-is. The low price – just $10 – also makes these […]

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