New Limited Edition Softsoap Body Wash Scents

TheMomBuzz received Softsoap to review. These are her thoughts on the new scents. Time to stock up on limited edition Softsoap Body Washes. You don’t want to be left high and “dry” when they stop selling these two scents August 2014.  And when an 18 ounce bottle of Softsoap Body Wash only costs $3.50 a […]

Summer Showers with Softsoap Moisturizing Body Wash #win

I can almost always find a good deal for Softsoap Body Wash at my local supermarket. My favorite scent is Sweet Honeysuckle & Orange Peel, very Floridian in my opinion. And it’s a moisturizing body wash, helping keep your skin hydrated after spending the day outdoors covered in sunscreen, sweat and bug spray. Hey, that’s […]

Tips for Killing Mold #TilexClean #win

Today is Friday! Normally my day off from writing. Especially since my sons have no school today. :woot: :woot: But I already warned them that today -after I get some work done online – I am going to be cleaning. Bah! I need to tackle their rooms and the DREADED BATHROOM! Motivation for my cleaning, […]

What Do You Wish You Knew at 13?

When I was 13, I was in the 8th grade. As a girl, the period between 6th grade throughout college can be kind of traumatic. Pimples, boobs, “cycles”, dating, driving, school, graduations, breaking-up … and more. At the age of 13 you are still at the beginning of learning how to deal with being a […]

WeePod Potty Insert #win

I LOVED buzzing about potty chairs for the boys – finding which ones worked… and which ones didn’t. But ever since we got the Little Looster, the boys has no reason to use a small floor potty. The shorties can use the REAL toilet all the time. But, even though they can reach the toilet, […]

Bacteria Resistant Plunger from Clear-N-Clean

Face it – a lot of bathroom items are just nasty. The minute they touch that toilet, the eww factor is huge. Other than the toilet bowl brush (which I replaced with a Fresh Brush), the plunger is one of the yuckiest items in the house. But it’s there. Sometimes in the garage – often […]

#Win the Ultimate Baseball Experience from #DoveMenCare

Back in March I was buzzing about Dove’s new product line that has been specifically formulated for men’s needs. No more harsh and drying cleaning products or products scented for women. Dove’s formula smells clean and manly, while providing cleansing, moisturizing and care. And your man will love this – Dove Men + Care is […]

Potty Training and the Little Looster #win

Potty Training can seem complicated, whether you’re a newbie or have already trained a child or two. Common questions are: 1. When do I begin? 2. How do I begin? 3. What do I need to begin? The answers are not that complicated. First, you begin when you feel you and your child are ready. […]

Dove Men + Care: Win a backyard Makeover

When I first met my husband, he was more of a bar soap and wash cloth kind of guy. Eventually I turned him over to loofahs and liquid body soap. I always found it left less soap scum, making it easier to clean the bathroom. But back then the soap scents and loofahs were all […]

Organic Baby: Organic Bath Products for Little Ones

My youngest has Eczema, so we have to be careful what we use on his skin so that we don’t further irritate it. I love organic products, since they are designed to be gentle on their skin. I recently had the opportunity to try a new-to-me bath product from Fresh Organics, which was a conditioning […]

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