Stocking Stuffer for Techie Kids: Stop Motion Stikbot Action Packs

So many of my sons’ friends love to make stop motion videos. They often either use a Minecraft stop motion app or a LEGO app to make their videos. When I would peruse the Target store aisles, though, I’d often see this shelf of Stikbots. What were these Stikbots? Stikbots are poseable figures, that give […]

What to Buy Teen Boys: Razer Kraken Gamer’s Headset

TheMomBuzz receives product samples for review, as well as uses Amazon links. My most challenging gift recipient year after year is my nephew. This year he is 13 year’s old and I was rattling my brain, what to get him. Often I resort to gift cards, because he can just get what he wants. But […]

Never Knew an Old Mobile Handset Could Bring in This Much! [Good You Didn’t Sell Them Off]

While selling off your old mobile certainly can bring in a few bucks, there are other creative ways to upscale your old handset and make it user-friendly in this day and age. Yes, your old handset doesn’t have to be part of the landfill and should you not want to send it in for recycling, […]

Social Media Can Be the Face of a Business: Two Tips

All too often businesses exist as buildings or products. The internet has changed the way people, businesses included, communicate and interact with each other. One of the biggest trends to come out of the internet over the past few years is social media, and the trend has taken root on the smartphones and tablets of […]

New for Summer: Waterproof and Windproof iPhone Case

TheMomBuzz received a case for review. TheMomBuzz is an Amazon affiliate. Summer is coming. I know many parents look forward to this time of year. No more homework sheets to sign. No more PTCO meetings to attend. No more pacing school lunches. Instead we get to enjoy the sun, beach, pool, museums and more with […]

Tamagotchi Returns for the Holidays!

Press materials were provided to facilitate this buzz. When I was in my older teens, I remember Tamagotchi being a HOT toy. I wanted one, but never did get one. Well, now they are back and are perfect for older children and ‘tweens. Tamagotchi come in a digital egg. On the screen they will hatch […]


What has music made you do? What song reminds you of a special moment in time? I know that with the right song, I will spontaneously dance at the gym or around my house with the kids. I might even do a crazy move when running while listening to Shake It Off or All About […]

The Newest Printer for Every Day Printing – Expression Photo XP-860

TheMomBuzz recently has the opportunity to review the new Epson printer, the Expression Photo XP-860, which is perfect for everyday printing – from photos to homework assignments, labels to schedules. It is a wireless printer, which makes it so convenient to print from your phone or laptop, wherever you may be in the house. Plus it […]

Pong iPhone Protection Goes Above and Beyond Bumps and Dings #win

TheMomBuzz received a sample for review. This is our opinion on the sample received. When searching for an iPhone case you may be looking for something that looks cool, while providing protection against drops and dings. But did you ever think of looking for a case that also provides protection against the radiation your phone […]

Portable Power for iPhones, iPads and Galaxy #win @LumsingTM

My husband has a portable charger for his iPhone and iPad, and I have to say it is in demand in our family. I tend to drain my phone thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. My little son likes this battery draining game called Infinity Blade. And my oldest has a thing for Flappy Monster. […]

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