#Win a $200 iTunes Gift Card – Photo App Users Alert!

A few months go I buzzed about the Diptic photo app, which lets you quickly and easily combine multiple photos to create a cool photo collage. Well, there is now another photo app with a twist – Layover. Layover lets you blend up to five pictures to create interesting, artistic (and sometimes hilarious) images. Both Layover […]

DropCam HD: Increase Security for …. #win

So I left you hanging with my post title today. DropCam HD: Increase Security for …. for what? But really, the “for what” is up to you. The DropCam is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use video camera to keep an eye on your home and office. Here are some of my top ideas when it comes to […]

Five Fun Camera Apps for your iPhone

Back in January I had compiled a list of Three Fun Camera Apps for your iPhone. Well, there are always new apps with new features that are worth trying and testing – and I wanted to add two new apps to my list. So here is the updated Five Fun Camera Apps for your iPhone! […]

Avengers Origins: Hulk – app available from iTunes

So my boys and I watched the Avengers when it came out. It was AWESOME. We all loved it. Now my friends are prepping to see the movie with their kids, as well. Of course, that involves watching Thor, Iron Man 1 & 2 and Captain America. You do NOT need to watch either of […]

Avengers Origins: Assemble! – app available from iTunes

My boys, husband and I have been so psyched about the new Avengers movie! We saw it last Friday together! It was AWESOME. The dialogue was hilarious without being campy. The action was exciting without being overdone. The casting was simply EXCELLENT. And the CGI for Hulk was just amazing. They totally brought Mark Ruffalo […]

Three Fun Camera Apps for your iPhone

The past few weeks I’ve been installing and playing with camera apps, to give my pictures some pizazz. What I did was make a Photography section on my iPhone and put all of them in there, so I am not searching like crazy when I want to use one of them. And thankfully, all of […]

Tips to Consider When Giving an Old SmartPhone to a Child

As we continue to upgrade to the newest versions of smartphones and other electronics, many parents choose to pass their old device to their own children. In fact, my oldest son has an iPhone 3 that came from my husband’s employee, when she got a new phone. And my youngest plays with my iPhone 3, […]

New App: The Amazing Spider-Man: An Origin Story!

Have some iTunes Gift Cards you want to redeem? Well, there is a new app that Marvel fans, especially the younger ones, will love. It’s The Amazing Spider-Man: An Origin Story! Released by Disney Publishing Worldwide, this newest interactive storybook app for young readers is narrated by comic book legend Stan Lee! My four year […]

Don’t Let the Pigeon Run this App! (iPhones & iPads)

Have you seen the series of “Don’t Let the Pigeon… ” books from Mo Willems? They are HILARIOUS! I want to own them all. So far we’ve bought “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!” and we’ve made do with borrowing other books from the series from the library. They all have a demanding pigeon […]

New App: National Geographic “Weird But True”

Back in February 2010 I gave my nephew a book by National Geographic Kids –  Weird, But True. Wait, giving him the book wasn’t weird – that’s the title of the book – Weird, But True. The book was full of 300 Outrageous Facts about animals, nature, physics, people, places and more. 206 full color […]

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