Stocking Stuffer for Techie Kids: Stop Motion Stikbot Action Packs

So many of my sons’ friends love to make stop motion videos. They often either use a Minecraft stop motion app or a LEGO app to make their videos. When I would peruse the Target store aisles, though, I’d often see this shelf of Stikbots. What were these Stikbots? Stikbots are poseable figures, that give […]

New, Fun App that combines Balance with the iPad for Kids @Swingy_tm #discount

NOW ON KICKSTARTER SWINGY ON KICKSTARTER So a new app & toy combo has just been released on Kickstarter, and it’s one I can fully get behind. It’s called Swingy. It uses a smart balance board to allow kids to play games on their smartphones or tablets. How it Works: You receive two balance pedals, […]

Keep Your Family Organized with Stridepost

School year is in full swing and parents might be at odds with how to juggle multiple schedules. But there is an app for that! At Stridepost, they believe good habits are key to our kids’ success and they provide the tools to support families who want the same for their kids. With the help […]

Never Knew an Old Mobile Handset Could Bring in This Much! [Good You Didn’t Sell Them Off]

While selling off your old mobile certainly can bring in a few bucks, there are other creative ways to upscale your old handset and make it user-friendly in this day and age. Yes, your old handset doesn’t have to be part of the landfill and should you not want to send it in for recycling, […]

Preserve Your Summer iPhone Memories: Quick Book app @heyMosaic

theMomBuzz received a sample. This is her opinion on the sample received. When I was in my teens and early twenties, I was constantly filling photo albums with pictures. As we went digital, I had a transition period where I would fill both photo albums AND make professionally printed photobooks. Now I am primarily a […]

For the Science Geeks: Summer Activity E-Connected Magnetic Blocks Teach Kids About STEM

My son is a self-proclaimed science geek. He says it with pride at just 9 years of age! He’s not the only one. Lots of his friends love being “geeks”, because face it, one day they will run the world. They will be the leaders, the inventors and the explorers. They love technology, biology, robotics, […]

Kid friendly XO Tablet #giveaway

Last summer, the new family-friendly XO Tablet made its debut as a fun and exciting new way to build, learn and dream at their own pace via a powerful Android tablet. The XO Tablet is packed with free educational games, apps, videos, e-books and more.  The flexible tablet also grows with the family offering up […]

Math and Phonics Apps @evancedgames

Both of my boys have iPads. We are an Apple household, what can I say. And I do believe iPads have a lot of value, past entertainment. They can also download ebooks, I am not going to say no to a good book! And of course there are many educational apps out there. I wanted […]

New Years Resolution: Declutter Virtually and in Reality

This time of year I start doing a lot of  “streamlining”, both virtually and in real life. This includes: 1. Deleting old and unnecessary e-mails from my inbox. 2. Unfanning, unliking and hiding Facebook pages that I just don’t need to see every day on my timeline. 3. And getting myself off those snail mail […]

A Hot Holiday Gift Idea: Amazon Kindle Fire HD

theMomBuzz received an Amazon Kindle Fire to review. This is her husband and her perspective, from a primarily Apple household. So my original iPad bit the dust last month. It’s screen cracked and it seems as if most companies don’t repair the original iPads. So I’ve been looking for something that would let me do […]

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