Stocking Stuffer for Techie Kids: Stop Motion Stikbot Action Packs

So many of my sons’ friends love to make stop motion videos. They often either use a Minecraft stop motion app or a LEGO app to make their videos. When I would peruse the Target store aisles, though, I’d often see this shelf of Stikbots. What were these Stikbots? Stikbots are poseable figures, that give […]

Netflix #StreamTeam – Streaming Dystopian World of Black Mirror #spon

As part of the StreamTeam, theMomBuzz shares sponsored monthly buzz on fun Netflix movies and shows. Still recovering from not having any more episodes of Stranger Things to watch until next year? We’ve been on the hunt for a new show and found the dystopian world of Black Mirror. The Sci-Fi technology twisted anthology was […]

Magical Books from the Wizarding World #HarryPotter week we watched the highly anticipated Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. My husband, sons and I, like many other families, love the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and all the story lines that are tied to it. Not only have we watched and read the Harry Potter series, we also own the […]

Family Friendly “Screams” to Stream on your Home Screen @Netflix @streamteam #spon

TheMomBuzz is a member of the Netflix Streamteam, buzzing her love of Netflix. TheMomBuzz does receive perks in relation to being a Streamteam member, but it does not influence her opinion. You can hear it in her typing. I absolutely love this time of year. I am BIG on celebrating the holidays, especially the trifecta […]

Disney is now on Netflix! #familymovienight with #zootopia #disney #streamteam

TheMomBuzz is a member of the Netflix Streamteam, receiving buzz and membership for her honest opinions. Honestly, I can’t live without Netflix! Okay, I could live, but not be fulfilled with entertainment. So my boys were checking out their Netflix channel, which is separate from our more adult picks, and what did they find? Zootopia. […]

New Animated Television Series “Skylanders Academy” to Debut on Netflix #streamteam

TheMomBuzz is a Netflix StreamTeam member. My 8 year old is going to be SO EXCITED. Like many kids, he loves Skylanders. He has a variety of the games for Xbox and Wii, plus an army of characters that he collects and action figures too. I think those came with Happy Meals or Kids Meals […]

Mom Feeling Pulled into Too Many Roles? Pull up @Netflix and Watch #UnitedStatesofTara

TheMomBuzz is a StreamTeam member. This month I delved into a new-to-me show that had three seasons on Netflix. Delightfully, these three seasons (36 episodes) leave you with a satisfying ending, not just a sudden Buh-bye like Emily Owens which just ended without leaving us ANY conclusion! (UGH! Also on Netflix!) Anyways, back to the […]

Sharing the @Netflix Stream with Siblings #StreamTeam – Top Three Suggestions

TheMomBuzz is a member of the Netflix StreamTeam. In my family, we share the Netflix Stream among the four of us. My husband and I have our section and the boys have their section. Thankfully, when it comes to “what to watch”, they are usually on the same page. I know that isn’t true for […]

Bill Murray and His Celebrity Friends Crash Christmas on Netflix #StreamTeam

TheMomBuzz is a StreamTeam Contributor. Do you hear what I hear? Bill Murray and his celebrity friends are crashing Christmas! I adore Bill Murray. He is in one of my most favorite Christmas movies – Scrooged! So when I heard that Netflix will debut A Very Murray Christmas on Friday, December 4th, I had to spread the good […]

Never Knew an Old Mobile Handset Could Bring in This Much! [Good You Didn’t Sell Them Off]

While selling off your old mobile certainly can bring in a few bucks, there are other creative ways to upscale your old handset and make it user-friendly in this day and age. Yes, your old handset doesn’t have to be part of the landfill and should you not want to send it in for recycling, […]

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