New, Fun App that combines Balance with the iPad for Kids @Swingy_tm #discount

NOW ON KICKSTARTER SWINGY ON KICKSTARTER So a new app & toy combo has just been released on Kickstarter, and it’s one I can fully get behind. It’s called Swingy. It uses a smart balance board to allow kids to play games on their smartphones or tablets. How it Works: You receive two balance pedals, […]

More & Better Selfies with the Solo Selfie Stick

I remember the days when you would take your camera, filled with film, turn it around, hug your besties close, stick your arm out as far as it could go and then snap a photo and hope for the best. A week later you get your film developed and see the hilarious selfies that you […]

Here’s a New Travel Game: Duck, Duck, Tape!

Here’s a new travel game: Duck, Duck, Tape! All you need to play this game are two things: travel plans and a roll of duct tape. The object of the game is simple. To win, simply use your duct tape while you’re traveling. Before we explore some of the ways you might put your tape […]

A Florida Fourth of July @Rayovac #USA #PortablePower

I am a Rayovac sponsored Blogger. This is my opinion on the topic and samples received. When my husband start imagining where we might end up in the years to come, we find it hard to imagine living anywhere other than Florida. Although, California and Hawaii would be second and third on our “we would […]

Cases for iPads and Nexus at Everything Tablet @HugMyTablet #win a Prize Pack for your Tablet

Looking for a Father’s Day gift idea? Well, if he has or is getting a tablet this Father’s Day, a protective case is a must-have. has a variety of cases for: iPad 2 iPad 3 iPad 4 ipad Air iPad Mini Nexus 7 Options include Flip Cases, 360 degree protective cases and even car […]

Gift Idea for Outdoor Dads: Talkabout 2-Way Radios from Motorola

In case you didn’t know, there are jut 81 (or less, depending on when you are reading this) days until Christmas. For a planner like me, that means having a list of gift ideas prepared and holiday shopping season has officially started! Christmas Countdown If you’re looking for an affordable gift ideas for the active […]

Stylish Wipe Cases from K. Quinn Designs #win

As a mom of a 7 and 5 year old, I still use “wipes”. They aren’t just for wiping bottoms! You can use them in a pinch to clean faces and hands, as well as wipe down tables and grocery cart handles! Heck my Father keeps wipes in his car to clean his hands after […]

Baby Cargo Stroller Bag – Georgi

I never had a Stroller Bag before. I’ve had diaper bags and am well known for toting around backpacks to keep all my kids’ stuff organized. So what’s the buzz about a Stroller Bag? Stroller Bags can be conveniently and securely attached to a stroller, especially a complementing stroller by the same brand, so that […]

Summer Gear from Pottery Barn Kids

My mom friends know that backpacks are my best friends. From using them as “diaper bags” when my kids were younger to “back packing” around theme parks with all our necessities – our backpacks get just as much as use out of school as in school. Last year I purchased a Large Fairfax Boy Backpack […]

Organizing Utility Tote – For Organizing My Laptop & Work

So, my little work station is portable. It’s my laptop, my planner, my Bamboo touch tablet, and some pens. I normally work on my little kitchen table. And when I am done working, I needed a safe, portable tote to put my items away and also be able to take my items on the go […]

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