BPA Free, Biodegradable “Baggies” – Wexy Lunch & Munch Bags

I am always buzzing up a story re: reusable baggies. Love them and use them all the time to pack snacks and for my sons and myself. But sometimes I just don’t have the option to use a reusable baggie. For example, on field trips I will get a note telling me that NOTHING will […]

Celebrate with Earth Creations

As a mom, I like to be comfortable, but fashionable too. And if I can be ecofriendly in the process, that is just perfect! So why not honor Moms (and yourself) this Mother’s Day with comfy, sustainable, clay-dyed apparel from Earth Creations? They have just released a fresh spring line created from organic cotton, hemp […]

Recycle Food Containers, We All #WIN

The Mom Buzz is helping Purina spread the word out about recycling pet food containers with their new “Together We Can Recycle” initiative. I never thought of it until this week, so the initiative came at a great time. But I have started recycling not just aluminum pet food containers (like Friskies and Fancy Feast), […]

Disneynature’s Oceans Giveaway

I don’t go to the movies too often. But I managed to see both Alice in Wonderland and How to Train Your Dragon in April. I always love watching previews and I was really struck by the beautiful scenes in the new Disneynature’s Oceans that I saw while waiting for those other movies to begin. […]

Earth Day: Go Green with Green Giant

Earth day is a mere 9 days away! Do you know that April 22, 2010 marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day! That’s huge and definitely a priority! Every little thing we do to reduce our carbon footprint can help protect the Earth for our children – such as riding your bike as transportation, carpooling, […]

Don’t Pollute Tee for Earth Day #win

I love Earth Day. For the past 40 years it’s been helping to increase awareness that we have to do more for our planet to keep it healthy for the next generation. You can spread the word through a variety of media, such as blogs, magazines, television, commercials, spokespeople and … ecofriendly t-shirts! I already […]

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