PLAYMOBIL Easter Eggs – #Win one of four themes

Just google noncandy Easter Basket ideas, and you will see that Candy is out and Toys are in for Easter Baskets these days. I don’t know WHEN that change was made. When I was younger my basket was full of Jelly Beans, but by the time I began parenting, most of the Easter Bunnies I […]

Retro Toys at Tin Toy Arcade #discount #vintage #toys

Tin Toy Arcade Discount Code 15% Off MOMBUZZ15 My best friend’s children have so many cool, vintage toys. Her family saves EVERTHING, no garage sales for them. So after she outgrew certain toys, they were packed up and put into storage until she had children of her own. So when her children play with a […]

Chocolate Bunnies – Bottoms Up or Ears Down?

We are pretty picky about the chocolate that goes into our Easter Baskets, but I can’t say no to the Lindt Chocolate Bunny and his chocolate friends! No matter if you start eating the hollow bunny from the bottom up or ears first, that chocolate is creamy, dreamy, melt in your mouth, delicious! Some new […]

Playmobil Easter Eggs – Win One of Four Themes #sugarfree #notcandy #pirates

theMomBuzz received a PLAYMOBIL Egg for review. This is her honest, excited opinion. Yes, I love Peeps and Cadbury Eggs. But I also try to fill my children’s Easter Baskets with Easter fun that is NOT candy. Items that encourage creativity, in the theme of Easter of course. Lots of brands offer a selection of […]

It’s Not Easter without Peeps – Peep Products and Projects

As a mom, I try to encourage the Easter Bunny to bring toys over treats. But, it’s just not an Easter Basket without Peeps. It looks incomplete without those marshmallow bunnies and chicks in a variety of sugar-coated hues and flavors. And the nice thing about PeepsandCompany, is that they also sell non-sugary treats with […]

Hatch ‘Ems for Easter #WhatsInYourBasket

My boys love Animal Planet Hatch ‘Ems. Hatch ‘Ems are the size of regular eggs in a variety of colors. Each pack of Hatch ‘Ems has three eggs and three informational collector cards. You submerge the eggs in water and it takes about three days for the water to seep into the egg enough for […]

Easter Fun: Animals in a Tube

The Easter Bunny has been busy on Amazon this year, putting things in the online basket to eventually put in our woven and plush baskets. One item that I received from Amazon to review as a possibility for Easter fun was an Animal Adventure Tube. As usual, I briefly read the online reviews and thought […]

Cutest Little Pom Pom Chick

New for Easter Baskets this year are the Pom Pom Chicks from Aurora plush.  These chicks range in size from 6″-16″, but I have to say the teeny 6 inchers are the ones that appeal to me the most. They come in a variety of delightful springtime colors and the yellow ones can be purchased with […]

Gourmet Easter Baskets from The Fruit Company @TheFruitCo

My kids have cute Easter, reusable Easter baskets from PersonalCreations that I fill with Peeps, Plush Toys, Apparel, Toys and other small items. But I really don’t want THAT kind of Easter Basket for me, a 35 year old woman. When I think of a basket, I remember the baskets my dad used to get […]

Fill the Easter Basket with VTech

“The VTech product, gift card, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by VTech.” My husband was telling me the other day that he wishes that his Easter baskets were as cool as the ones our sons get. Instead of candy, we fill it with books, games, and apparel. Okay, we also like to […]

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