Top Electric Picks for Father’s Day Gifts – Everything Available on Amazon

TheMomBuzz is an Amazon Affiliate. I do the bulk of my purchasing on Amazon. I just like the convenience of being able to buy pretty much anything my little heart desires in one swoop, often with free shipping thrown in. Now add in that Father’s Day is looming overhead and you just KNOW he prefers […]

Cases for iPads and Nexus at Everything Tablet @HugMyTablet #win a Prize Pack for your Tablet

Looking for a Father’s Day gift idea? Well, if he has or is getting a tablet this Father’s Day, a protective case is a must-have. has a variety of cases for: iPad 2 iPad 3 iPad 4 ipad Air iPad Mini Nexus 7 Options include Flip Cases, 360 degree protective cases and even car […]

100% Natural Wood Watches #jordwatch

I have worn the same brand of watch for years. But then it failed me repeatedly. As much as I wanted to continue to love the brand and style, because it was what I was accustomed to, I just couldn’t. So I have been going watchless for months. You would think in this day and […]

Master Tracks Over Ear Headphones @SOLRepublic #FathersDay

My husband loves techie gifts. Tablets, laptops, apps and all of those fitness trackers are his must-haves. Recently we received the SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks Over Ear Headphones for review at theMomBuzz and took them for a spin. Master Tracks are designed to deliver the ultimate immersive music experience. The earphones are so extremely comfortable, […]

Well Played, @AltecLansing, Well Played. #mobile #speaker

TheMomBuzz received an Altec Lansing to review. TheMomBuzz is an Amazon Affiliate. Well played, Altec Lansing, Well Played. You designed a beautiful, simple BlueTooth speaker that looks right at home on a Bank Executive’s desk, as well as on a teenager’s shelf. It has everything a music lover would want, with today’s technological advances. Gramophones, […]

What Would Santa Do? #PCholiday

This is a sponsored post with Provide Commerce and the Social Media Chicks. All opinions are my own. I am completely inspired by Santa. You see, I have an awful memory. If you ask me what I did yesterday, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. But I love keeping lists. I have notes on […]

Matching Bathing Suits for Dad and Kids: Tom & Teddy

TheMomBuzz received bathing suits for review. This is her opinion on the samples received. I discovered something new this summer. Not all bathing suits are created equal. What I thought were adorable matching bathing suits for my husband and son turned out to be my most-favorite bathing suit ever for my husband! I can’t believe […]

Last Minute Gift Idea for Dad Available @RadioShack – Hexbug Spider XL

TheMomBuzz was provided with a Hexbug Spider XL for review. These are her thoughts. The Mom Buzz has been buzzing about Hexbugs for ages. We have many of those little nanos running around – both in and out of their habitats. But if you are looking for a last minute gift idea for dad, think […]

Gift Idea for Techie Dad – the PowerLite Home Cinema 500 3LCD Projector

TheMomBuzz received the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 500 3LCD Projector for review. These are her thoughts. I’ve been excited about Father’s Day for a month now. I’ve been torturing my husband with wrapped gifts in the closet and taunting him with, “Do you want your gifts now? Oh well!” But I gave in to my […]

The Dad Box

Stuck for an idea what to get your dad this year? Well, one of the biggest struggle my dad and husband face lately is making the time to eat healthy while always on the go. But for just $24.95 you can get a busy dad in your life a special Father’s Day box from NatureBox that […]

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