6 Tips for Staying on Budget in Kansas City

When you visit Kansas City, there are a million wonderful ways to spend your vacation dollars. Between the luxurious hotel options, the delicious food and the fabulous attractions, sticking to your travel budget can be challenging. However, you don’t have to go over budget to have a wonderful time in Kansas City when you follow […]

Top Hotels Above Three Stars in Helsinki

There are many high-quality four and five-star hotels in Helsinki that are located near many of the European Union’s most popular attractions. Here is a list of the best of these Helsinki hotels that can help you start your search for top-quality accommodations in Helsinki. Crowne Plaza Helsinki The Crowne Plaza in Helsinki is a […]

How Las Vegas Is Leading The Charge On American Ecotourism

Las Vegas may be a man-made center of culture and consumption located in a neon desert, but Vegas is also powered and watered by one of the largest dams in history. But with ever-worsening drought conditions and a growing demand for eco-friendly activities, the city with dollar signs in its eyes has set its sights […]

7 Places to Visit in Charleston, SC

One of the more popular tourist destinations on the East Coast is Charleston, South Carolina. The city harkens back to history and presents several historical areas for exploration. Of course, the city also offers several activities to keep even most demanding of travelers occupied with some fabulous ways to spend time as well. Finding hotels […]

Build Some Family Memories in Florida

Your children are young for such a short time, and one of the ways you can help them stockpile memories that will last a lifetime is by taking them on vacations. A popular place for families to travel to in the United States is Florida. The sunshine state is the most visited state in the […]

Seattle Arts and Music: A Travel Guide

Since Jimi Hendrix wowed ’em in the 1960s, Seattle has been a center for arts and culture. When grunge rock hit the stage in the 1990s, the city again rose in the public imagination. Since then, Seattle has remained a focal point for culture, commerce and technological innovation. When you visit Seattle, it may be […]

Here’s a New Travel Game: Duck, Duck, Tape!

Here’s a new travel game: Duck, Duck, Tape! All you need to play this game are two things: travel plans and a roll of duct tape. The object of the game is simple. To win, simply use your duct tape while you’re traveling. Before we explore some of the ways you might put your tape […]

Preserve Your Summer iPhone Memories: Quick Book app @heyMosaic

theMomBuzz received a sample. This is her opinion on the sample received. When I was in my teens and early twenties, I was constantly filling photo albums with pictures. As we went digital, I had a transition period where I would fill both photo albums AND make professionally printed photobooks. Now I am primarily a […]

The 6 Best U.S. Cities for Summer Music Lovers

  One of the best ways to get to know a city is through its music. While most cities in the U.S. can boast a club, concert venue, or local music scene worth checking out, few cultivate new scenes while keeping an eye on their past. We found six cities for summer music that stand […]

What to Look for in Swimming Pool Builders

A swimming pool is only as good as the builder you choose to hire to complete the job. Installing a pool in your home is nothing like getting a new paint job. If you’re unhappy with the paint job, it’s easy to replace. Pools, on the other hand, are a bit more complex. They take […]

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