Fisher-Price® #MomentsofJoy #sweepstakes #win

A few weeks ago I was invited to test drive a new site from Fisher-Price. And now it’s time for the big reveal, and I am so excited to be one of the first to share the buzz! You know all those adorable photos you take of your kiddos every day – well now you […]

How to Win Your Way @ShopYourWay #WinYourWay #spon

I like earning free products, prizes and money. I mean, who doesn’t!? Especially with tighter budgets and more expensive “wants” from the kids and my husband – earning online is totally worth it and easy. I was recently introduced to, which is a social shopping platform. You earn 10+ points for every $1 you […]

Amateur Poetry Contest

Do you write poetry, but don’t know how to share it beyond your own little circle? Several times a year the World Poetry Movement will host amateur poetry contests that can help your message be heard – from love poems to dark poetry and every genre in between. Everyone who has been inspired to write […]

Do You Love Reading?

Do you Love Reading? I love to read. It doesn’t matter if it’s an e-book or a “real” book. It may be bought, on loan from the library or borrowed from a friend. Most often, those suggestions I get from friends and family are the best book picks, since we tend to have the same […]

Are you an Everyday Family?

So I recently discovered a site called, which has a bunch of information that moms, moms-to-be, parents and grandparents can use. From Due Date Calculators to Child Development and Saving Tips to Delicious Recipes! They even keep you connected with real moms and stories through blogs, forums and community groups! EverydayFamily is completely packed […]

Social Media and Online Reputation

Social Media is very very powerful at promoting or deprecating companies. It’s not just word-of-mouth. It’s word-of-mouth, Twitter, Facebook, Google, blogs, forums and more. Then followers and friends will retweet, share, link-up and “like” the “news” causing the reach to increase exponentially. Many companies love the power of Social Media. It can be an economical […]

Shop and Save this Spring at Sears

It seems like you can always find some fabulous deals at Sears. Especially if you are already have your eye on deals for spring and summer clothes for the kids. Personally, I am on the look out for athletic shorts and sleeveless shirts for my boys to keep them cool and comfortable in the growing […]

Spring Clean with PalCycle! #win

In my area, there are three ways I “Spring Clean” and move out unused toys and outgrown clothes. I either sell them on CraigsList, have a Garage Sale or I pass them on to friends and family. With the CraigsList, there is always a certain amount of “Stranger Danger”. You are letting a stranger meet […]

It’s Potty Time! {Potty Training is Easier with Potty-Themed Videos & Free Potty Training App}

One thing that parents both are eager to begin, but fear the process, is Potty Training. I know that when I started Potty Training my oldest son I was wondering how successful we’d be, but I went in “pretending” that success was right around the corner. And in my arsenal I had tips from my […]

Kid’s Crafts, Recipes & Activities #RecipesForFun and #win

Face it, as parents we spend a lot of time trying to keep the kids engaged and entertained in enriching ways. We don’t want them just to sit with their handhelds or game systems, letting their brains and butts go numb as time passes. I personally spend a lot of time searching blogs, Pinterest and […]

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