TheMomBuff Competes in a NPC Figure Contest

Five years ago I watched my husband compete in a bodybuilding contest. It was his second time competing and my first time watching a show. Before he went on I had the opportunity to see women compete in bodybuilding and a figure division. I thought, hey – they sure are in shape! I’d like to […]

Like Many, I Was Thinking about 9/11 this morning …

So like many, I was thinking about 9/11 this morning. If you didn’t catch my thoughts on Facebook, here they are: Post by the Mom Buzz.

Loving Yourself is a True Challenge #LoveThighself

So we are on day 6 of our #LoveThighself Challenge. If you aren’t familiar with it, Denise and I challenged everyone to #LoveThighself via various Social Networks for the month of February. I realized that it was easier to love your friends and family, compared to loving yourself. And Denise is further on her journey, […]

the Zombie Run: Run For Your Lives #weARErunningfromzombies

Well, November was a little extra zany for this zombie fan. I was signed up to run in the Zombie 5K, Run For Your Lives, with a team of 9 when we got disappointing news. The Zombie Apocalypse wasn’t coming to Central Florida. Reed Street Productions, the company that put on Run For Your Lives, […]

The Christmas Creep on @HuffPostLive

Where do you stand on the Christmas Creep?! I am on a HuffPostLive Interview at 3pm EST – you can weigh in! Is Christmas Cheer good earlier in the year? Or are the stores displays too early?

Highlights for Dark Hair

I just thought I’d share my newest hair color with my readers. After all, how often do you get to see the mom behind the buzz? Naturally, I have a VERY DARK BROWN hair. Some people would call it black. In the right light, you can see it’s brown. But back in March I got […]

LEGOLand Florida, 2 Years Later – 2013 Review

So it’s been 31 months since we last visited LEGOLand Florida. That day was the Grand Opening of the much-anticipated park, which some park-goers loved and others not-so-much. Some of the disappointed remarks I read that day were that the lines were too long and that the rides were designed for a younger audience. Well… […]

14 Months Later – Straight Teeth!

So this week something pretty spectacular happened … my braces came off. Damon braces with the SureSmile system – pretty much my personal hell for 14 months. I agreed to this system over the Invisalign I wanted because they said my teeth would get straighter quicker and with better results. I have nothing to compare […]

The End is Near! Alternate Title: One Last Month in Braces

Squee! I feel like y’all left me so many wonderful vibes in my last braces post. Because today’s orthodontic appointment gave me GREAT news! I have one month left in braces. What’s happening in the final month of braces? Well, they did a final adjustment to lower one last tooth. Already the tooth is in […]

theMomBuff: A New Sports Bra from Victoria’s Secret

Okay, last Friday I went to Victoria’s Secret to buy some new bras. They are the only store I have luck finding bras that fit and are semi-comfortable. And this time I actually found two styles that fit so nicely, you barely feel them on! You should try them if you haven’t yet – Very […]

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