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Many companies send the Mom Buzz products for our review. By submitting your product to the Mom Buzz you are reaching a targeted audience via online site, Facebook, Twitter and E-mail Subscriptions.

Our review policy is as follows:

Products become property of the Mom Buzz and will not be returned. Each product is examined and used to determine quality and we will be unable to return the sample. It is our policy to select companies, products and services that we feel appeal to our readership. We retain the right to be highly selective, as we simply will not endorse or review products or services that do not meet our standards.

Products that we choose to feature on the Mom Buzz must be of high quality and meet the expectations of our readers. You can read past reviews for examples.

If you feel your product meets our criteria, contact Erin Tales to submit your product. You can also request a media kit at this time.

Please Note: We receive hundreds of product submission emails each month. If we are initially interested in covering your product you will receive a response. At this point we will request a sample and additional information if needed. If there is a problem with your sample, we will contact you. Please note that we will not be able to respond to all introductory inquiries.

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