14 Tips for Running a Zombie 5K

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES DISCOUNT CODE – 15% Off: ZPTD3 If you are planning on running from zombies this year at a RunForYourLives event, here are tips you need to know to survive! Because unlike a real zombie apocolypse, you can’t harm the zombies. So what can you do to increase the chances that you’ll […]

Run For Your Lives #weARErunningfromzombies

CODE FOR 2013 RUNFORYOURLIVES – Save 15% – ZPTD3 So I ran my first 5K last week – Run For Your Lives. It was not just my first 5k, it was also my first obstacle course (with mud) and the opportunity to run from zombies. Don’t think you have to be the most athletic to […]

A Beginning Runner: The Beginnning and First Month

Back in January, if you asked me if I run, I’d scoff and say I couldn’t. I tried in the past, but I’d get shin splints and it just seemed impossible to move forward “quickly” for any length of time. But then I found my motivation. I am always better when I have a “bigger” […]

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