14 Months Later – Straight Teeth!

So this week something pretty spectacular happened … my braces came off. Damon braces with the SureSmile system – pretty much my personal hell for 14 months. I agreed to this system over the Invisalign I wanted because they said my teeth would get straighter quicker and with better results. I have nothing to compare […]

The End is Near! Alternate Title: One Last Month in Braces

Squee! I feel like y’all left me so many wonderful vibes in my last braces post. Because today’s orthodontic appointment gave me GREAT news! I have one month left in braces. What’s happening in the final month of braces? Well, they did a final adjustment to lower one last tooth. Already the tooth is in […]

Adult Braces – Redesigning a Smile

I used to be one of those people that would get compliments on their teeth. So white and straight! And then I started drinking way too much cola. And with each pregnancy my teeth would actually shift. Within a time span of 4 years, from 28 to 32 years of age, the change in my […]

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