Stocking Stuffer for Techie Kids: Stop Motion Stikbot Action Packs

So many of my sons’ friends love to make stop motion videos. They often either use a Minecraft stop motion app or a LEGO app to make their videos. When I would peruse the Target store aisles, though, I’d often see this shelf of Stikbots. What were these Stikbots? Stikbots are poseable figures, that give […]

New Years Resolution: Declutter Virtually and in Reality

This time of year I start doing a lot of  “streamlining”, both virtually and in real life. This includes: 1. Deleting old and unnecessary e-mails from my inbox. 2. Unfanning, unliking and hiding Facebook pages that I just don’t need to see every day on my timeline. 3. And getting myself off those snail mail […]

#win iLearn ‘N’ Play Toys Magically Pair Technology with Learning and Fun

Face it, kids are digging technology these days. And I am not talking teens and tweens, but those little preschoolers and toddlers who can: download an iTunes video, even though you had it password protected access your contact list to call relatives and friends … on purpose create their own YouTube videos to post online, […]

iPhone Tips: From Bandwith to Selling

It seems like  I am always learning something about my iPhone or iPhones in General. I wanted to share some tips that I’ve learned along the way to help you enjoy your iPhone even more. If you want to lower your bandwidth usage, so that you don’t need to go to a higher data usage […]

Holiday Discounts for Disney Publishing Apps ($2.99 ea)

The holidays are here – and to celebrate, Disney Publishing is offering a special price for all of its Storybook Deluxe apps in iTunes from December 21 through January 2. From an underwater journey with Nemo to a high-octane Cars adventure, these apps are top-rated and are great gifts for friends and family to send […]

Learn, Create and Share Party #LeapFrogParty

Every week a group of moms and I bring our sons together to hang out. Between us we have 7 boys! That makes for some action-packed fun. But recently I combined some leaping fun with some LeapFrog technology to create a super play date for our boys. The goal was to introduce the boys to […]

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