Towels for the Beach or Pool available on Amazon – 5 out of 5 Star Rating #summer #win #amazon

A sample was provided for review. TheMomBuzz is an Amazon Affiliate. I still remember the first beach towel I personally bought. I was around 24 and the towel came from Target. It was blue with pink flamingos on it. I was with my boyfriend (now husband) at the time. We bought him an orange towel […]

Cancun Family Vacation: Must-haves For Your Baby

Traveling with babies can be fun and challenging at the same time. Some things are more difficult, many are wonderful, and some are just different. Family vacations encompass all of the above! Travel with children can be so rewarding, as long as a few adjustments are made and expectations are realistic. Holidays in Cancun are […]

Beach Baby Gear @Amazon

TheMomBuzz is an Amazon Affiliate. Ready for some family fun in the sun this Summer? Whether you’re planning a family trip to Cape Cod or hitting up sunny San Diego, now’s the perfect time to think about what your baby needs for the beach. From a day of playing in the sand to spending the […]

Cool New Beach Toy: @D6SurfSkimmer

theMomBuzz received a D6 SurfSkimmer to review. This review reflects her first time out with the board. We will be revisiting this product later this summer! Summer vacation has officially started! My boys just got off of school a few days ago, with my youngest graduating from pre-kindergarten. :sniffle-sniffle: So now how am I going […]

Spring Break Must-Haves for Your Kids! #win @eyescreamshades

When you think Spring Must-Haves for Kids, what’s on your mind? Breezy outfits, cute hats, sassy sunglasses, open footwear and stylish bathing suits? Well, that’s what I think! But I also like to go beyond what LOOKS cool, but items that can keep our kids safer, as well! Because while we are all spending more […]

Swimwear for Moms! #win

When talking to other moms, one of the complaints I hear most often about summertime is their bathing suits. Complaints include: The tops don’t give sufficient support. The tops don’t give sufficient coverage. The tops don’t look feminine. The bottoms show too much jiggly thigh. The bottoms show too much jiggly butt. And face it, […]

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