ROVE Tumblers and Meal Containers – Meal Planning for a Healthy You!

It’s a new year and people are making resolutions to become healthier! Part of that success comes from working out – cardio and strength training! And the other part of becoming healthier and more fit is diet. You can’t have one without the other, but the “diet” part can be the challenge. Now don’t look […]

Animal Friends Food Deco Cutter Kit #win

I love the cute Bento lunches that many moms are making nowadays. Taking that extra time to create a child’s lunch can help them feel special, plus will encourage them to eat an entire lunch or even try new veggies and fruits! I don’t go all out, I simply need to practice more to create […]

Keegan’s Leprechaun Lunch For St. Patrick’s Day

Okay, today is the last day I make Keeg’s lunch for school before St. Patrick’s Day, so I wanted to make something special. (Tomorrow is pizza day for him!) I had cut out a picture from a magazine last year and did my best to replicate it in 10 minutes or less. (Haha! Morning Rush!) […]

Molding Hard Boiled Eggs: Fun Breakfast or Snack (BENTO)

Last year I discovered that you can mold hard boiled eggs into fun shapes using an egg mold and ice water. The process to shape the egg is quicker than boiling eggs and the result is cute and fun for children and adults. And it is a big hit in the bento community! To get […]

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