LapGear – Perfect Gift Idea for College Students! #win

We have a small house. My boys don’t have desks to do their homework at. Usually they sit on the couch and work on a small table pulled in front of them while I prepare dinner. And overall I found it cumbersome. I wanted something better and found it at LapGear. LapGear sells a variety […]

Heading to College – What to Pack? @caselogic #bts

Back to School as a college student, especially one living away from their parent’s home, can seem a little overwhelming to pack for. It’s not as simple as choosing a lunchbox and book bag. You also need a laptop, bathroom essentials, comforts of home, etc. So next to folders and lined paper, you need to […]

The Rise of Online Education

My husband was still in college when we got married. Soon after he had a career, a child and a pregnant wife, all while attending classes. And 9 months after that, he had a newborn and a toddler underfoot. But because of online classes, he was able to finish his degree around his busy schedule. […]

The 4 Best College Laptops For The Money

Preparing for college can be nerve-wracking, both for the kids and for their parents. When you’re getting ready to send your child to college, you want to make sure they have a laptop that can get the job done. While your child may enjoy being able to blame a faulty computer for homework that goes […]

11 Intelligent Ways To Save on Textbooks (Without The Bookstore)

Article by Consumer Savings Expert, Andrea Woroch. Read Andrea’s recent buzz about ways you can save kilowatts and cash. Textbook prices tend to rise at four times the rate of inflation for an average of $900 per year. It doesn’t take a college education to figure out there are alternatives to traditional outlets, but incoming […]

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