Exercising for Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the top reasons that people choose to improve their fitness. Not only will losing weight help you look and feel better, shedding those excess pounds can significantly improve a number of health conditions, including certain types of arthritis. Cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and many other facets of physical well-being can […]

fitGevity Resistance Bands and Resistance Band Exercises #win

At my local gym we have our regulars and a nice steady flow of new members. But I know from years of experience that once January hits we will have many new members with goals of remaking their bodies and improving their health, which I completely applaud! I get excited for these new members, even […]

The Poor Man’s Guide to Anxiety Therapy

Guest Post provided to the Mom Buzz: Everyone gets anxiety, but not everyone gets health insurance. If spending a few hundred dollars for a psychiatrist to tell you how out of your mind you are before giving you a piece of paper that gives you the green light to spend another $50 each month for […]

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