Never Knew an Old Mobile Handset Could Bring in This Much! [Good You Didn’t Sell Them Off]

While selling off your old mobile certainly can bring in a few bucks, there are other creative ways to upscale your old handset and make it user-friendly in this day and age. Yes, your old handset doesn’t have to be part of the landfill and should you not want to send it in for recycling, […]

Family-Friendly, EcoFriendly Carpet Cleaning: the Green Choice

Green carpet cleaning is becoming more available for customers all the time, but while there are more companies providing this service, it is still important to find a reputable company that will do a good job. Green Choice has everything customers are looking for in an environmentally friendly carpet cleaning company. With organic, natural and […]

LunchSkins2 now at Target! #win

As we all know, Target is a popular space for moms to shop (and get lost). Face it, you go in for a birthday gift and you leave with a t-shirt, an organizing bin, hangers, a picture frame, some wipes, and holiday accessories. And then you have to go back the next day, because you […]

Foldable, Reusable Water Bottle – Vapur

I am always on the hunt for a good reusable water bottle for the boys to take to school. So when I heard the buzz about Vapur, which is reusable AND can be folded/rolled up, I was totally intrigued. So I received a sample to review, along with a Vapur “sweater” … which I will […]

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