Vapor Infusion Technology, Ceramic Plates, Hair Straightener from Remington @RemingtonReady

I am a SpectrumBrands sponsored Blogger and received payment from Spectrum. Living in Florida with 67% humidity means that I LOVE hair straighteners. I am mostly a wash-and-go kinda gal, but when I need to look my best, I put some leave-in conditioner or serum on my hair and straighten like a pro. To straighten […]

Checklist for Choosing a Cordless Iron

Using a cordless iron seems like a dream solution to many people. Each of us, in all likelihood, have struggled with getting the board in the right position so that we are near a plug socket, and then finding out that we have to adopt some weird twisted posture so that we can reach a […]

The Secret to Irresistible Hair is Affordable @MyVO5 #giveaway

In 2013 I made it my mission to have long, healthy hair. I have taken care to: 1. Take my Vitamins! 2. Eat healthy – lots of fruits and vegetables! 3. Take supplements, including Keratin Hair Volumizer. 4. Don’t brush wet hair! 5. I said good-bye to pony tails, because the elastics can cause hair […]

The Gift of Style: REVLON Laser Brilliance

These past 9 months I’ve been working hard to grow my hair out. The problem with growing out your hair is that so much that we do day-to-day actually damages it. Overwashing strips it of protective oil. Towel drying causes breakage, as does brushing wet hair. Convenient pony tails stress hair at the scalp and […]

Highlights for Dark Hair

I just thought I’d share my newest hair color with my readers. After all, how often do you get to see the mom behind the buzz? Naturally, I have a VERY DARK BROWN hair. Some people would call it black. In the right light, you can see it’s brown. But back in March I got […]

Get Ready for Date Night with U Color

There are plenty of little things I do that keep my husband happy, other than cooking and cleaning. He also appreciates when I find me-time to get things done, because it makes me happy and I feel good about myself. For example, hitting the gym and/or the pavement for a workout or run. Keeps me […]

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