Portable Power for iPhones, iPads and Galaxy #win @LumsingTM

My husband has a portable charger for his iPhone and iPad, and I have to say it is in demand in our family. I tend to drain my phone thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. My little son likes this battery draining game called Infinity Blade. And my oldest has a thing for Flappy Monster. […]

Cases for iPads and Nexus at Everything Tablet @HugMyTablet #win a Prize Pack for your Tablet

Looking for a Father’s Day gift idea? Well, if he has or is getting a tablet this Father’s Day, a protective case is a must-have. EverythingTablet.com has a variety of cases for: iPad 2 iPad 3 iPad 4 ipad Air iPad Mini Nexus 7 Options include Flip Cases, 360 degree protective cases and even car […]

iPad Case that is Cool and Professional @theSnugg

This is the honest opinion of theMomBuzz on the sample received. When I had an iPad, it had an awesome personalized case that I loved. It wasn’t plastic, nor did it offer that extreme protection that would be needed if used by a child. It was simply a cover that could open like a book, […]

Don’t Let the Pigeon Run this App! (iPhones & iPads)

Have you seen the series of “Don’t Let the Pigeon… ” books from Mo Willems? They are HILARIOUS! I want to own them all. So far we’ve bought “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!” and we’ve made do with borrowing other books from the series from the library. They all have a demanding pigeon […]

Ultimate Dinopedia – Cool Dinosaur iPad app

My whole family LOVES using my iPad. My husband likes to watch Netflix movies on it, I am usually reading my e-books and my kids love the apps. And I just recently introduced them to a cool, new one from National Geographic – Ultimate Dinopedia. This is a “page turner” as kids can view dinosaur […]

The Monster at the End of this E-Book – 99 cent app!

Okay, for the past two years I have been meaning to buy The Monster at the End of This Book, which is a hilarious 1971 Sesame Street book in which blue Grover is the star. With every turn of the page, Grover is trying to convince the readers NOT to turn the page, as bricks, […]

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