Keep Mold and Excess Sugar out of the Juice Box #Diy Juice Boxes

I’m always looking for non-candy alternatives to show my kids I care. For example, Easter is coming up fast, so what are some colorful ideas to put in the basket that will brighten their morning? Well, last year I discovered Juice in the Box. Technically, Juice in the Box is a reusable juice container, but […]

Welch’s Farmer’s Pick Fruit Spreads and Juices #win

My youngest is such a picky eater – and he’s allergic to peanut butter. But he does like jelly sandwiches! But jellies are usually so full of ingredients I don’t want my son to have and he doesn’t like preserves or jams. So what do I do? Well, I always take time in the jelly […]

Honest Kids Juice Pouches

I don’t give my kids too much juice, they are mostly water and milk drinkers. But every now and then, for playdates and trips… or if there is an awesome sale, I’ll pick up some juice boxes. Boy, the kids are crazy about them! But not every kid just has juice just as a treat […]

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