Holiday Drink: Cheeky Cinna-Sugar Twist Martini #smirnoff #baileys

If you are planning a holiday party, you have to think about the drinks. Some people like Eggnog. In my house we drink something called coquito, which I refer to as “Puerto Rican Eggnog”. But there are so many options of drinks that you can really make the holiday dinners more festive! My husband and […]

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Godiva and Bailey Liquer #ChocolateDelight #Cocktail

You know, I am always prepared way in advance for holidays and occasions. Except this Mother’s Day. I’ve been at a loss at what to give my own mother! The woman who gave birth to me, talks and texts me daily, is friends with me on Facebook. But, thankfully being the owner of theMomBuzz led […]

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