Children’s Book: Ninja Bunny

My children are now past the age of picture books. They are both reading chapter books! Second and Fourth Graders are AMAZING. But as an elementary school teacher major, I will always have a BIG place in my heart for children’s books. Lots of big pictures, repetition, good illustrations and a fun story. Ninja Bunny […]

Children’s Book: Ninja Red Riding Hood (Recommended Ages PreK – 1st )

TheMomBuzz is an Amazon Affiliate. Little Red Riding Hood is tougher than ever in Corey Rosen Schwartz’s new children’s book, Ninja Red Riding Hood. We received a copy for review and fell in love with this new interpretation of a classic fairy tale, where the Big bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood are practicing […]

Braciole – Everyone Loves Raymond!

Okay, so the other day I was watching a rerun of Everyone loves Raymond. During the episode, Debra (who is not known for her cooking) makes a dish that everyone raves about – and they are super surprised that she was able to cook it so well! The dish was Braciole. I had NO CLUE […]

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