Pong iPhone Protection Goes Above and Beyond Bumps and Dings #win

TheMomBuzz received a sample for review. This is our opinion on the sample received. When searching for an iPhone case you may be looking for something that looks cool, while providing protection against drops and dings. But did you ever think of looking for a case that also provides protection against the radiation your phone […]

VTech’s Emerald Cordless Phone for Spring

You may have heard the buzz that the Pantone Color of the year is Emerald. Isn’t that perfect?! A time for OZ the Great and Powerful to be released, as he makes his way through the Emerald City. And Sephora has released an entire Emerald Collection, with gorgeous emerald mascara, nail polish, eye shadows and […]

HOT GIFT IDEA: Say Hello to Ooma Telo VOIP – Free Home Phone Service

Last night I posted on my Facebook account the following message: Cancelled my home phone line. Hullo VOIP! (Can you hear me now?) Immediately one of my friends FB’d me telling me she has been using VOIP for 10 years successfully! Think of the money she has saved, no longer having that monthly phone bill! […]

Mom-Friendly Phone: VTech Expandable Cordless Phone

The first phone I ever purchased was a Vtech. It was simple, cordless and lime green. I loved it! I don’t remember what happened to it, it disappeared when I moved from my second apartment to my townhome. But since then I had gone through a lot of phones … some just died. Others the […]

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