Early Childhood Literacy – Reading BrightStart! @readbright

My boys are now 7 and 8, reading and writing. I am confident in their reading abilities, knowing it will help them excel in school in the coming years, from comprehending nonfiction to enjoying fiction and solving math to learning science and geography facts. Reading is not just part of language arts, but an important […]

Two Book Suggestions for 3rd Graders

TheMomBuzz has purchased 5 of the books in the Origami Yoda series and was thrilled to receive a copy of the final installment for review. A sample was also received of Frank Einstein. TheMomBuzz is an Amazon Affiliate. My third grader has been reading up a storm this year. Yet, when talking to other parents […]

Two Book Series Suggestions for 2nd Graders

Books samples are received for review. TheMomBuzz shares her favorite books with her readers. TheMomBuzz is an Amazon affiliate. Once my son reached second grade he began reading chapter books. At first it was a little hit or miss as we tried to find small chapter books that were appropriate for him. If you are […]

Do You Love Reading?

Do you Love Reading? I love to read. It doesn’t matter if it’s an e-book or a “real” book. It may be bought, on loan from the library or borrowed from a friend. Most often, those suggestions I get from friends and family are the best book picks, since we tend to have the same […]

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