New Prints for the Popular PackIt Coolers @PackItCool

Last year I buzzed PackIt Coolers as must-haves for back to school. I use the PackIt Cooler Lunchbox a lot with my oldest son, because my youngest HAD to bring his lunch box shaped like a Shark or Moose to school. I really liked the PackIt Coolers, though, because they have a freeze gel BUILT […]

Keep Mold and Excess Sugar out of the Juice Box #Diy Juice Boxes

I’m always looking for non-candy alternatives to show my kids I care. For example, Easter is coming up fast, so what are some colorful ideas to put in the basket that will brighten their morning? Well, last year I discovered Juice in the Box. Technically, Juice in the Box is a reusable juice container, but […]

Gymboree Play Proof by Nanotex #BTS Style

TheMomBuzz received a sample of Gymboree Play Proof by Nanotex. This is her opinion of the samples received. This is my extremely handsome son. I almost don’t know what else to add. I am so distracted by his style and good looks. A natural model, isn’t he? I had dressed him in Gymboree Play Proof […]

Four Back to School Essentials for Kids #lunch #school @SIGG_NA @potterybarnkids @PrecidioDesign @PackItCool

Okay, here in Florida Back-to-School is right around the corner. We have less than a month to go to complete back-to-school purchases. Some schools have extensive wish lists of crayons, notebooks and other must-haves. Some parents might be purchasing specific uniforms and others have the freedom to purchase whatever clothes their kids might like to […]

@Kohls is Stocked Up on Back to School Supplies – Are You? #FindYourYes #spon

TheMomBuzz received a gift card for back-to-school shopping at Kohl’s. These are her thoughts and finds to help you shop Kohl’s, as well! I stopped by Kohl’s today for back-to-school shopping, mostly with apparel on my mind, and saw some amazing deals on Book Bags, Lunch Boxes and School Uniforms that I had to share. […]

In the Market for an Electric Pencil Sharpener?

Back in September I was buzzing about Brand Choices when School Shopping. I felt some brands were worth spending a little more on, if it meant improved quality and longer lasting. Pencils were of course on the list, with me mentioning Palomino Blackwing and Ticonderoga as my top two choices. I find it easier to […]

7 Nifty Back-to-School Supplies

It doesn’t matter if you’re an excited first grader or a weary post-grad heading into your final semester: Everyone gets a little thrill from new school supplies. They’re all so clean and full of possibilities! If you’re ready to embrace brimming pens and the crispness of new notebooks, here are seven great educational aides for […]

Read This Before you Pre-Order School Uniforms: French Toast #win

In a few months I’ll be pre-ordering uniforms for both my sons. It gives me a little discount, and every little bit helps when you are trying to cut the cost of private school. My son have to wear navy blue slacks or shorts, a red logo polo, belt, black or white socks and black […]

Book: Bullying Decoded – #BacktoSchool – #win

Did you know that 56% of students right now feel like they are being bullied? And even worse,  90% of children between the 4th and 8th grade are victims of bullying. This can be more than a blow in self-esteem that can be solved with a few kind words. Bullying can lead to depression, violence, […]

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