What Dad Wants: Summer Fun in a New Bathing Suit @tom_and_teddy

TheMomBuzz received suits as samples. This is her opinion on the samples received. So Mother’s Day came and went. It actually wasn’t my best Mother’s Day. I had to work eight days straight, including that morning. All extended family was around, but sick and stressed. All I really wanted was time with those that made […]

Build Some Family Memories in Florida

Your children are young for such a short time, and one of the ways you can help them stockpile memories that will last a lifetime is by taking them on vacations. A popular place for families to travel to in the United States is Florida. The sunshine state is the most visited state in the […]

Keeping Comfort High and Utility Bills Low this Summer

Summer is in full swing and picnics and pool parties are on the rise. Utility bills may be climbing as well. As the heat goes up, many people crank down the setting on their AC units. Does it make sense, though, to drop your home temperature to 60 or 65 and then wrap up in […]

Bring the Sand Indoors – Sands Alive #Glow

TheMomBuzz is an Amazon Affiliate. TheMomBuzz received a kit for review. There is a lot of Sand during summer vacation. Sand from the beach. Sand from the playground. And you do your best to shake that sand off before going in the car or in the house. But one sand that is MEANT to be […]

Brother Summer Styles with Tom & Teddy Swimwear

I often talk about my youngest son matching his dad when we go to the beach and pool. My son always makes sure that his dad matches him in their Tom & Teddy Swimwear. But this year I have a new perspective. If it’s cute when my youngest matches his dad, imagine how much extra […]

Too Much Fun in the Sun? Tips to Reduce Cancer Risks #SkinSmart @Coolibar

With Summer Vacation beginning across the USA, nothing beats getting to play outside at water parks, theme parks, the beach and other summer hot spots. While enjoying the fresh air, kids and adults will be spending countless hours in the sun’s rays, putting them at a higher risk for skin cancer. DID YOU KNOW: The […]

Towels for the Beach or Pool available on Amazon – 5 out of 5 Star Rating #summer #win #amazon

A sample was provided for review. TheMomBuzz is an Amazon Affiliate. I still remember the first beach towel I personally bought. I was around 24 and the towel came from Target. It was blue with pink flamingos on it. I was with my boyfriend (now husband) at the time. We bought him an orange towel […]

Packing for Spring Break 2015 #Summer @creativelabs @riobrands @coolest_cooler

Are you dreaming of Spring Break and Sunshine? Well, don’t let the blizzard blues stop you. Start planning for the sunny days ahead and build your Amazon Wish List and Pinterest Boards with all your Spring Break Necessities. You of course need a beach tote for your towels, sun block, reading materials, sunglasses and necessities. […]

Book full of 101 Kids Activities for a Fun, Imaginative Summer!

TheMomBuzz was provided with a sample to review. TheMomBuzz is an Amazon affiliate. Excerpt reprinted with permission. Are you already at a loss of ideas for summer activities? Want to pull the kids away from tech and tv, but can’t afford theme park prices? Then pick up a copy of 101 Kids Activities That Are […]

Bring the Water Park into Your Backyard! #Florida #Staycation

As the down-economy continues, the Staycation Trend remains high. Moms are trying to find what they can do in their “own backyard” – meaning what attractions are local to them. But you can take it one step further and really create your own fun in your backyard. It doesn’t take much room to amuse the […]

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