Plackers Flosser Friends Smile About Healthy Teeth #win

Enjoy this sponsored buzz for Plackers. We know our Plackers Flosser Friend approves! Before your child gets their first tooth, you already want to be introducing good dental hygiene. They sell those little thumb tooth brushes for gummy babies. Next you introduce toothpaste made especially for toddlers who may swallow the pea-sized amount, along with […]

Smile Brilliant this Year #Win a Teeth Whitening System

In the beginning of theMomBuzz (we’ve been buzzing for 7 years now), I used to love talking about whitening teeth. I’d talk about electronic lights you put in your mouth with a special cream, tooth paste, tooth guards filled with whiteners and many different brands. And then I decided the best way to get white […]

Proper Brushing Habits with Firefly

Brushing your kids teeth can be a necessary evil. Without a doubt, me chasing down my 2 year old and pinning him down ’til he opens his mouth is a common part of our brushing routine. Mind you, this is a huge game and he is laughing at me the whole time. Often, I look […]

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