Stock His Stuffing with Slix #stockingstuffer #forhim

HOLIDAY DISCOUNT CODE MOMBUZZ15 15% OFF Every holiday my husband has a good idea of what he is getting in his stocking. Energy drinks, protein bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Underwear. When I say Underwear, I am not talking tigthy whities here – I cannot stand men’s briefs in white. I prefer boxer briefs […]

Back to School with @FruitoftheLoom Bonus Packs

TheMomBuzz received samples. This is her opinion on the samples received. Last month theMomBuzz published a list of back-to-school supplies. After back pack, lunch box and all of the crayons and pencils, I also added socks and underwear! Yes, this is the time of year to open up a fresh bag of Fruit of the […]

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