Plants vs Zombies K’NEX Building Sets and Mystery Bags #BuildKNEX

My sons love many things. Among them are: Anything Zombie related, Plants vs. Zombies brand, Mystery bags and Blind Bag Toys – oh the surprise! Building Sets So when they had the opportunity to review a Plants vs. Zombie K’NEX Building Set and open two Mystery Bags, thy were thrilled! The K’NEX Plants vs Zombies line is […]

the Zombie Run: Run For Your Lives #weARErunningfromzombies

Well, November was a little extra zany for this zombie fan. I was signed up to run in the Zombie 5K, Run For Your Lives, with a team of 9 when we got disappointing news. The Zombie Apocalypse wasn’t coming to Central Florida. Reed Street Productions, the company that put on Run For Your Lives, […]

#Free Download from Alves Photos: Warning Graphic: Zombie Designated Driver Posters

The other day the woman behind the lens at Alves Photos did a fun zombie themed photo shoot among friends. During the zombie hijinks, she captured a photo of me (yes me) offering her my keys. Because even zombies know they don’t have the skills and brain function to drive safely! That shot turned into […]

14 Tips for Running a Zombie 5K

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES DISCOUNT CODE – 15% Off: ZPTD3 If you are planning on running from zombies this year at a RunForYourLives event, here are tips you need to know to survive! Because unlike a real zombie apocolypse, you can’t harm the zombies. So what can you do to increase the chances that you’ll […]

#weARErunningfromzombies – Zombie Preparedness Team, @RunFromUndead Discount Code

When you sign up for, be sure to use THIS DISCOUNT CODE for 15% off: ZPTD3 Last year my husband and I ran Run For Your Lives, the ORIGINAL zombie 5k with obstacles. I blogged about my prep and the experience … where I DIED. A zombie chomped on me. Well, like three zombies […]

NewsFlesh Trilogy: Feed, Deadline and Blackout – Blogging and Zombies in One Trilogy!

Do you love blogging and reading blogs? Imagine if blogs were the only way to learn the TRUTH about a zombie apocalypse and conspiracy! Then you have to order the Newsflesh Trilogy of books by Mira Grant. In the year 2014 a virus spreads throughout the world turning people into zombies. The news tries to […]

Run For Your Lives #weARErunningfromzombies

CODE FOR 2013 RUNFORYOURLIVES – Save 15% – ZPTD3 So I ran my first 5K last week – Run For Your Lives. It was not just my first 5k, it was also my first obstacle course (with mud) and the opportunity to run from zombies. Don’t think you have to be the most athletic to […]

Get Some Good Juju with Zumbies

Some of my friends think I am obsessed with zombies. I have no clue why. Just because I am running a Zombie 5k in November. Or that I use the Zombies, Run app when I run. That I like to watch the Walking Dead. And have a Zombie board on Pinterest. But obsessed… c’mon. Except […]

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